Where did the government forget the big fiscal amnesty?

2023-11-29 16:19:00, Editorial CNA
Where did the government forget the big fiscal amnesty?
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama, on at least two occasions, has made a public commitment that there would be a fiscal amnesty in Albania, which has never happened in 33 years of democracy.

The Prime Minister requested and publicly declared that he would do a full amnesty, but in both cases he withdrew after strong international intervention.

We emphasize that everything written is related to an amnesty that helps, gives breath and oxygen to business and not an amnesty for crime and the assets of the underworld.

Always for an amnesty, which helps and strengthens the business, brings more income to the state budget and makes the market better, more truly, without hiding income and manipulation. So always for an amnesty that helps the country's economy and business and not for an amnesty that helps crime and its world.

In 2011, at that time in the opposition, Rama opposed the amnesty, although he had every opportunity to be included in it, and then he used the Fier District Council, just as he used it to block Albania's steps towards the European Union , not to vote for the fiscal amnesty.

At that time, it was chosen to make a debt forgiveness, repayment of obligations of the old registers, but formulas were also found to revalue the assets to introduce them more into the market.

Prime Minister Edi Rama promised that he would make a big fiscal amnesty, maybe not a write-off of obligations, as happened in 2011, but he would make a big fiscal amnesty, more complete, this being quite careful, including assets of immigrants and their investments in the country.

Rama argued publicly that the amnesty would formalize the income of Albanians working around the world, without looking for their source, but in the end the amnesty never happened.

This is the classic case when our prime minister has failed, who promised amnesty in the hope that hundreds of millions of euros would be released in businesses, double balances, hidden incomes and the like, but this did not happen.

On the other hand, in Tirana, throughout Albania, businesses continue to be in the same situation, towers continue to be erected, investments continue, immigrants are in the same situation, businesses have the same problems and what can provided a solution, the amnesty, it did not happen.

Most likely the amnesty was forgotten and the chances are that it will not happen, since the prime minister has taken a step back after the strong intervention of the internationals, who apparently did not allow it.

So, it was the latter who told Edi Rama to stop for a full fiscal amnesty in Albania./ CNA

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