Anthem of Asdren in front of the hymn of hypocrisy!

2023-11-29 12:44:00, Editorial CNA
Anthem of Asdren in front of the hymn of hypocrisy!
Erla Mhilli, journalist

The celebration of November 28 usually puts us in a forced process of metamorphosis, where politics tries to appear peaceful and united, society responsible and patriotic, with many trying to find their Skenderbeu or Ismail Qemali within themselves.

Despite the rain, once again the country entered the panorama of red and black holidays amid an atmosphere of colors, lights, songs and dances led by flag bearers with statements of patriotism.

Parades, concerts, restaurants, or crowds of vacationers at tourist spots were the headlines of the day where tourists were confused with heroes and heroes with politicians.

But the history of the declaration of independence seems a little more modest than the history of its celebration, where more was thought about how to advance than how to celebrate, more how to work than how to market.

Within this festive halo, everyone seems to love Albania today, even those who steal 364 days, and those who insult it, and those who humiliate its image, and those who are responsible for contaminating a reality that is it forces people to leave en masse.

If we did not live within this reality, we would not be impressed by the river of patriotic hypocrisy, nor the ruminations of shame with the bread of historical failures due to political crises.

111 years of the state are witnesses of this, where the invaders have left, the rulers have appeared on the stage, those who bow before the flag even when its anthem is not that of Asdren, but that of depopulation.

It may not sound very pleasant to be honest on a day like this, but at a time when people are trying to flee their homeland, then maybe we should celebrate the past and reflect on the present.

The country has endured Balkan wars, world wars, the Stalinist regime, and an Albanian transition, which today is celebrated because, as in any system, it is said that the people are living their best days. And this is definitely what it looks like when the circus stands out more than the crossroads where it is located. 

Today it is worth making a historical balance of the 111th anniversary of independence, the characters who stand as a monument of values, until today's crisis for heroes, not only those who sacrifice themselves for the motherland, but those who love it and work with integrity for it. That's it, the rest is and remains history.

*The monologue of journalist Erla Mëhilli in the show of November 28./ CNA

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