The prosecutor who is making fun of SPAK

2023-11-24 13:23:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
The prosecutor who is making fun of SPAK
Prosecutor Edvin Kondili and former minister Ilir Beqaj

Since the first day when the news was published that SPAK had closed the investigations for the former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj, and had not requested his ban for the sterilization affair, CNA had a strong reaction regarding the prosecutor Edvin Kondili.

Kondili is known as a political militant of the Renaissance , a prosecutor who, by the standard of reform in justice, more than passed by the vetting, is passed by the political heads of the majority, of power, to have control in certain segments of the justice institutions .

Edvin Kondili is returning to the prosecutor, who is actually making fun of SPAK. It is enough to read both requests to the court to understand that Kondili has turned not into a prosecutor, not into a man who should investigate and reveal the truth about the sterilization affair, but into a defense lawyer in order not to send Ilir behind bars Becajn.

The prosecutor who is making fun of SPAK
Prosecutor Edvin Kondili

No one should go to jail unjustly, better 100 guilty out than one innocent in. But, in the case of Kondil, many things go wrong.

In the first request, he did not include Mr. Beqaj at all, he was released, but after Judge Erion Bani returned him on August 17th, he took another security measure, but this time the obligation to appear and took Ilir Beqaj's passport, which in fact was promoted to office by Prime Minister Edi Rama after taking the file the first time to GJKKO.

Edvin Kondili is the prosecutor who is making SPAK ridiculous with the advocacy he is doing to Ilir Beqaj, he is confirming what we have said, he is destroying what is required by everyone, the standard of SPAK.

He doesn't send Ilir Beqaj at all as a security measure, then he sends him as a light security measure. Meanwhile, sources from SPAK told CNA that there has been a strong debate in this structure regarding the measure that should be requested in court against Ilir Beqaj.

There was a fierce debate between SPAK leaders and Edvin Kondili, but he is independent in his decisions and a middle way was found.

Solution? SPAK becomes ridiculous.

The prosecutor who is making fun of SPAK

A person on duty, who can destroy the evidence, is released, while other people who have nothing to do at all, as was the case of Jamarbër Malltez, were arrested. Another standard set by Kondil's colleagues.

Vangjush Dako in Durrës. The palace was there, those 4 floors without permission could not be removed by anyone and he is still in prison. A standard of prosecutors, colleagues of Kondil.

While Ilir Beqaj is not sent to prison for 100 million euros, he is released, even though he was a senior leader of the state, the others behind bars.

Arben Ahmetaj is sent to mass arrest and prison, no documents were found for the incinerators, but his property, bathrooms, kitchen, costs, invoices were investigated. The former deputy prime minister is on the run, this is another standard of SPAK's investigation.

While Edvin Kondili lets Ilir Beqaj go free and turns SPAK into a laughing structure, into a structure where such individuals, the institution of a reform in justice more than honoring it, shame it and turn it into an institution talked about, rightly accused not only by journalists and the media, but also by citizens for the lack of standards and the fact that individuals like Edvin Kondili with their mind can use the law like Maliq and this is a fixed case where Edvin Kondili has returned in a Maliq that seeks to make SPAK funny./ CNA

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