A letter without morals!

2023-10-12 09:35:00, Editorial Diana Ziu

A letter without morals!

A television soup!

Nudity, banality, in bulk on our screens!

It's fashionable!

It's your time "dear amateurs"!

Ignorant with "school"!....

And this is not being free!....

An icy age that no one cares about, I would call it indifference, non-reaction, for insulting words about us Albanians... who according to you...artists, comedians..., are "garbage", which is more than a shame, and said by an artist like you "that we Albanians are trash". From you artists, comedians, humor producers... it's a shame! My concern is greater than this written letter! I am human and nothing human is foreign to me, and for the critic they would say... "I am a critic and nothing cultural is foreign to him".

A masquerade of dirty words by a dirty scum of the ignorant, these words are heard and written, and no longer heard by artists arguing on our screens, in the name of the word "freedom" to be "free"!..???

Every law in the life of a society comes as a necessary necessity, of course the law itself will not be a miracle worker, but it is a law... Respect it, maybe an unwritten law, but it is education, it is ethics! Respect it!

A letter without morals!
Composer Diana Ziu

You are an artist!

You are a man of the screen!

Are you someone or...???

To be free, we all want, (without making the point of morality)! And it does not deny the ethics, the culture of speaking in auditoriums, in the written press, and even more so on the screen!

Don't!... More!

Being stuck, in a mood without a title, without meaning, without the nothingness that is part of the talent from time to time, but then laughing at the pain of this nothingness, is definitely trouble! And this trouble should not oppress the rest of humanity, the innocent bystander! We are the spectators, the viewers of the "metallic" screen, who just want to laugh, and love you as an artist...

But never mock our plight!

Never hate your people!

Never insult our sisters!

Don't... it's "DON'T"!

A letter without morals!

A big failure may bring jealousy, megalomania, arrogance, everything! The people of Shkodran have an expression, when they want to curse, they say: "Let yourself get into trouble"... The lack of reaction of the media is terrible. written, for insulting words, for us Albanians!

It's more than a shame!

Said by an artist...! Shame!

The concern is even greater for the words spoken, written!... From a vulgarity to stubbornness, where the awareness of saying insults to us Albanians, "trash", called by you "trash"... is a shame!

It's ugly!

And even more so on the screen!

There is never a comment left!

No comment!

Criticism is a citizen's courage and I, like Diana Ziu, am not moralizing, but I am saying: To you artist, made "dirty" and insulting us as Albanians and calling us "garbage", I say: Don't! More! Lots of banal humor, because you really made us "dirty"!

A letter without morals!
Composer Diana Ziu

I am addressing you artist!

I am human and nothing human is foreign to me, but they could say about the critic: "I am a critic and nothing cultural is foreign to me, to the critic". Poverty of thinking may not let you understand it... but it is not moral... what I write!

Important are the skeleton, the backbone, the ice that the man-artist has in his being, therefore it is value, it is also moral for us artists... the art that we pass on! You have often humorously moralized the plight of "Aesop" about our problems!

But don't! It's not right!

I think that everyone is generous with you, but not generous, for each of your creations, because then it happens: "Woe to the judgment for that work and woe to the criticism for that judgment!" Writing can never equal the truth. But the impact it leaves behind, about what we write between fact and imagination, is fact, it's your written statement, but beware of fiction!

A letter without morals!

A quote from the famous philosopher, Stuart Hampshire, when he writes with the avoidance of worthless objectivity, quotes: "The ice age that no one cares about and that leads to the degradation of a civilization!"


And concluding, that such an attitude, according to the philosopher, could be the end of civilization, where the ignorant will raise their heads and moralize about the "dirt" by removing the "garbage" and that they never understood the values!

A quote from a famous American journalist, John Dewey, says: "The necessity of fact, of truth, is a necessary moral requirement!"

Without moralizing...!

13:25 Editorial

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