New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan incinerator

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New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan
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Today, the Special Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime gave its verdict on the affair, the Fier incinerator scandal, where former minister Lefter Koka, businessman Klodian Zoto and former Secretary General Alqi Blako and several other persons were accused. others, involved in the affair.

48 years in prison were requested for all of them, but with a shortened trial 37.6 years in prison, while Arben Dervishaj, supervisor of the incinerator works, Juri Imeraj, administrator of the JPY company and Arjola Kodra, administrator of the Tirana incinerator, were declared innocent. , while the sentence of 4 other people was converted to probation.

CNA is bringing today for the first time a document about the incinerator of Elbasan, as well as a table of calculations that the company "Albtech Energy" of Stela Gugalle, Mirel Mërtir's co-habitant, has made for the incinerator of Elbasan in collaboration with Klodian Zoton and many personalities others of this affair.

It has often been emphasized in the media by journalists and experts that the incinerator of Elbasan is a large boiler with oil that costs about 2 million euros per year and the budgets of the poor municipalities of the district of Elbasan cannot afford it.

New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan
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First, the names of the people of the incinerators appear in the e-mail: Klodian Zoto, Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, Denisa Tollkuçi, and then a reply made by Mrs. Tollkuçi. The first e-mail is directed by Elton Bualli. And so on.

But what does this e-mail tell us?

New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan
The email that shows the numbers

This e-mail tells us with figures how much it costs to build the Elbasan incinerator, how much its real value is, and finally how much it costs to maintain. This is the complete calculation made by the experts of the "Albtech Energy" company.

The investment of the plant is 17.4 million euros with VAT, the total value of the investment is 23.8 million euros with VAT.

Monthly costs 1.43 million euro and annual 1.66 million/euro

The following table shows the number of employees, the amount of oil and other costs of the Elbasan incinerator.

Why are we bringing this document?

Precisely to prove what has been said and said publicly that 2 million euros per year are needed.

According to the calculation of the table that you can see underlined with a red line, the experts of the Albtech company, Klodian Zoto, Denisa Tollkuçi, Elton Bualli, Giuseppe Ciaffaglione and others, who are the people who come out in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana, it turns out that at least 10,000 liters of diesel will be needed to operate the plant, and the calculation is made at 145 Lek per liter. Today, a liter of diesel is 180-190 ALL/liter.

New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan

But there were moments during the last year when it was 220-240 ALL/liter. So, the Elbasan incinerator needs an annual average of 200 Lek/liter to operate.

So the final calculation if we will collect in the table as you see the monthly and annual figures, in a month we will need approximately 14 million new alleks, while in a year 166 million new alleks or about 1.6 million dollars always with diesel 145 alleks / liter.

Meanwhile, with the oil market price and the growth and inflation that has affected everything in services and costs, it is about 200 million new lek or 2 million euros .

The figure of 2 million euros is the figure that has often been articulated in the media for the Elbasan incinerator, its investment which officially should have been around 24 million euros.

In fact, the plant cost about 17 million euros, the others are works of millions of euros in the area for a district that cost as much as a highway segment. Without talking further about the benefit that would come from taking the concessionary contract of the power production plant.

That's how much it costs the citizens of Elbasan district.

Today, the incinerator, which, despite a new investment of 24 million euros, is not working, it is claimed that it is under repair and the garbage is set on fire, as we saw a few weeks ago in Elbasan, and you can read it in the link here .

Also, according to a simple calculation according to the concession contract, the incinerator of Elbasan should burn about 50 thousand tons of waste per year.

In a simple calculation by dividing by about 2 million euros per year, the amount we get is approximately for a cost of about 40 euros/ton of waste.

So the calculation is quite simple.

The concession contract says 25 euros/ton, while the real cost today in the Elbasan incinerator costs the citizens of this region 40 euros/ton. The incinerator sleeps because today it has an almost unaffordable cost. 

New facts and documents emerge / Calculations, the real cost of the Elbasan
Elbasan incinerator

15 euros more expensive than the cost calculated from the concession contract . This is a fact that shows once again that the incinerators were a wrong solution beyond the fact that they were a corrupt affair in which political officials were immersed, but in this case we are leaving aside the names and dealing with the facts.

The concession contract says 25 euros/ton will cost the residents of Elbasan district. Fortunately, today it costs them 40 euros/ton and the incinerator in Elbasan is not working (repair).

The term that has been found is repair . Why is an incinerator repaired, which has not been completed for more than 3 years, which is new, which has worked for very few hours, which, according to very big promises, should produce energy that would eliminate the mountains of garbage and which in in fact, the company that built it according to its data points out that the costs are staggering.

This is according to the company's official e-mails but also according to the table above, which showed us the costs to keep the Elbasan incinerator working.

So 2 million euros publicly declared by journalists, the media, are not words of screens, portals, but are facts based on exclusive documents provided by the company and official data that are under investigation by SPAK.

Today the court gave the decision for Fier, on October 5 the decision for Elbasan is expected, where many names will be on the list of those that SPAK has requested to receive punishments in connection with the Elbasan incinerator affair./ CNA


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