Rama welcomes Edvin's Renaissance!

2023-08-18 12:10:00, Editorial CNA
Rama welcomes Edvin's Renaissance!
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Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted today regarding the work of SPAK during the month of August, which, according to him, is to be welcomed.

CNA has warned some time ago that August will be quite hot and the pears eaten behind the prime minister's back will be scalding for many former ministers and his former colleagues.

SPAK continues its investigations regarding some ministers and some concessions.

It is not only the incinerators, where everything was tried to be closed and Tirana never opened, but from the investigations and beyond the accusations against the former deputy prime minister Arben Ahmetaj, it is expected that there will be other feats and tragedies of the government that will be revealed in the light of the investigation .

So far they have taken a clear direction and are giving indisputable results.

After the incinerators was sterilization.

In fact, the issue of "check up" is also being investigated. Another important minister of the Rama government, Olta Xhaçka, is being investigated for her legal problems during the time she was Minister of Defense.

It is about three moments, the naval forces in Saranda, its base in Shengjin, as well as a helicopter flight during the 2019 election campaign.

Ex-minister Anila Denaj, ex-minister Ilir Beqaj, ex-minister Shkëlqim Cani, that is, some ex-ministers, but also other ministers in office, are under investigation by SPAK.

There are numerous files, reports, some made by the opposition, but they are taking a path. While yesterday, the Albanians learned that some arrests were made by SPAK, but the ministers who had signed the concession were released and nothing was requested of them.

It was the judge who pushed SPAK prosecutor Edvin Kondili to deepen the investigations for Ilir Beqaj and Shkëlqim Cani.

The deputy minister is arrested, he and the subject are accused, in fact for the former minister Ilir Beqaj who was a friend of the subject, who had received the concession and was the main signatory of the concession and the man who had supported him dozens of times publicly, said nothing.

The sterilization concession has been welcomed and appreciated by most people as a service, but not as a cost. Costs are the high prices that corruption pays.

On the other hand, former minister Shkëlqim Cani, the man who signed most of the concessions and once said no and then on the way changed his mind and said yes, was the other person who should be investigated in connection with this affair, but he was not even arrested he, there was no action by the prosecutor.

Today, the appearance of Prime Minister Rama and the greeting given to SPAK is nothing more than simply thanking Edvin Kondili, the man whom the majority, the ruling party, Rilindja, strongly supported to make him leader of SPAK.

Yesterday, clearly, everyone understood why the government, the majority, wanted Kondili to be in charge of SPAK and not Altin Dumani.

Yesterday it was understood that there were no arrest warrants for the two former ministers of Edi Rama. Yesterday it was understood that Edvin Kondili was a political soldier and had broken a SPAK standard.

When someone is behind bars for having signed concessions, as in the case of Lefter Koka or Alqi Bllakos, his colleague does not bear the same criminal responsibility.

This is double standard justice.

This is the justice of Edvin Kondili, which our prime minister is probably looking for, who has publicly congratulated him for the fiery August and the great work that SPAK has done.

In fact, the case of Edvin Kondili and yesterday's case of sterilization is not to be welcomed, since together with the noise and the arrest of the former deputy minister and the owner of an entity that offered a service, the real leaders, the signatories, those who they have sealed and established this concession or this service such as sterilization, where SPAK claims that there is corruption, but does not take it all the way to the ministers, but leaves it lower and lower.

This is Edvin Kondili's standard and this has been welcomed by Prime Minister Rama. Is this the justice that our prime minister has given up? This is justice that should not be controlled?

In fact, the justice of Edvin Kondili, announced yesterday and carried out by the SPAK, is a justice with two standards and it is the justice of control and complete non-completion of investigations, an unprofessional justice, not carried to the end, selective and controlled politically./ CNA


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