Lulzim Basha's classic scam about the McGonigal scandal and Russian money

2023-09-23 13:22:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

Lulzim Basha's classic scam about the McGonigal scandal and Russian money

The American media yesterday reported that the former senior FBI official, Charles McGonigal, had accepted the charges against him and among them were the payment of several hundred thousand dollars received from the Albanian citizen Agron Neza, to lobby, or to was used against the Albanian opposition.

The "Washington Post" and important media emphasized the former Albanian officer and gave the details, but they were careful, since in the USA this issue is delicate and it is required to preserve the image and figure of the FBI.

In the entire history of McGonigal, in Albania we already see the river of people who want to know the truth and understand what happened, but politics, as always, does not let them.

The parties start making a mess, Basha's media, Berisha's media, Prime Minister Rama's media, and so on, all make their noise.

The Prime Minister has been silent in fact, but the strange thing is that his media has been made available to Lulzim Basha, the man he took hostage and holds the seal of the Democratic Party, understandably in the interest of the Government.

Basha brought out his own yesterday in a flash, to say that the McGonigal scandal finally brought out the truth. He declares himself that everything was cleared up.

Previously, Berisha claimed that money was paid against him to declare him a "non-woman".

Yes, and the truth is that money was paid to McGonigal against Lulzim Basha and the opposition, but this issue is different.

We have two money issues for Luli's photo with Trump and the McGonigal scandal.

In the first case the truth was learned, but in the second case the truth is still not known, what is the source of Luli's money for the photo with former president Trump?

McGonigal in Tirana

The official FBI official, according to what Prime Minister Rama has stated, is the latter's friend, he has had several meetings.

Meanwhile, the investigations revealed that a former officer, including citizen Dorian Ducka, former adviser to the prime minister, are the people who used McGonigal in Albania for their political interests, serving him up to the highest ranks.

It is still unclear what these individuals have benefited from their service to the Prime Minister and the Government with McGonigal and as a counterweight to the payments they have made in the interest of lobbying against the opposition. Here SPAK should open an investigation for corruption and summon all the persons involved, so that the Albanian truth is learned, the American one is already known.

The truth and lies of Lulzim Basha

The truth is one, it was lobbied against the opposition and a former high official of the FBI was used, Rama, Berisha, Basha and even the FBI know this, but in Tirana everyone will invent their own truth.

Luli claims that the truth came out and he lobbied against him, the doctor claims that he lobbied to declare him "non-women". Rama has met a high official and that's it. Neither with the truth.

In fact, Luli and the doctor should be more concerned about the problems of the opposition and the scandal in general than making it a propaganda mess.

Lulzim Basha is clearly lying, lying about the sunny day, he is a classic irresponsible swindler in politics who has already run out of ink.

But let's give the argument why he lies. Because Lulzim Basha says that the truth came out.

Which truth? That the money was paid to the opposition? But not against him.

What is lobbying against him?

Did Lulzim Basha go to take a picture with the former American president, Donald Trump? YES!

Lulzim Basha's classic scam about the McGonigal scandal and Russian money

Was this photo published? YES!

Was $1,025,000 paid for this photo? YES!

Was a lobbying company used by one of the most powerful in the US, like that of Nick Muzin, who made the statements himself? YES!

Has this company declared the contracts and money to the US Department of Justice, which show that there are 3 payments of $150,000, a $75,000 payment and a $500,000 payment? YES!

Lulzim Basha himself has given 3 versions in his public appearances and has gone and grabbed American officials by the neck, saying that they gave him the money.

Lulzim Basha's classic scam about the McGonigal scandal and Russian money

In fact, according to the published materials, it turned out that the money went through an offshore company with Russian owners, and this is true.

So, it is a fact that Basha took a photo with Trump! That the money was paid through the Nick Muzin lobbying company is a fact! That an offshore company with Russian owners was used is a fact!

The money has been declared to the US Ministry of Justice, then how the Government has used it to release it and publish it in the media is something else.

Lulzim Basha is not innocent beyond the payments made by people close to Rama, to McGonigal.

There is no reason to justify or acquit him and declare victory that the truth came out. Which truth? The source of the money given to lobbyist Nick Muzin is still unknown.

Where did Basha find $1,025,000 to take photos with former president Donald Trump?

The full truth of this event has not yet been published and judged and this is a fact, Lulzim Basha took photos, in Albania the case has been closed with an investigation procedure, the letters from the USA have not arrived and Luli has escaped until these moments.

On the other hand, McGonigal has lobbied, used the corruption, stupidity, scandal and affair of Lulzim Basha to take a picture with Donald Trump, then to publish it in various media and understandably to raise the reaction of public opinion and a political uproar regarding this issue.

This is what McGonigal did, while Lulzim Basha committed the crime related to the photo with Donald Trump. This has not been clarified, that crime is still there, despite the fact that Lulzim Basha thinks that he will go through with the procedure that closed the file in the Court of Tirana.

No! It will be very difficult to close that file, precisely the release of the McGonigal scandal on the affair and on the source of the 1,025,000 dollars that Lulzim Basha used to take a photo with the former President of the USA, Donald Trump, must now to investigate SPAK for corruption ./ CNA

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