Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the incinerator project

2023-09-20 14:24:00, Editorial CNA
Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the
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The affair of the incinerators is one of the criminal acts that occurred in over 30 years of Albania's democracy. A minister behind bars, a General Secretary, other people under charges, many arrested, others on the run. Accusations against the former deputy prime minister by the majority itself.

Accusations against persons as their masterminds, as in the case of Mirel Mërtir, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalles. Accusations against the country's prime minister and accusations against Erion Veliaj, the latter sharply articulated by the opposition.

The incinerators and their companies have received from the taxes of Albanians and private businesses about 170 million euros in these years.

In fact, the concession contract is worth about 1 billion euros.

What is 170 million euros?

- There are about 24 million euros in the incinerator of Elbasan, an oil boiler that is out of order, supposedly under repair.

- An incinerator of about 36 million euros in Fier that has not been completed and requires another million euros of investment.

- In Tirana, an incinerator that does not exist, where 110 million euros were received, of which half of the amount was paid by the Albanian government through unconditional grants, i.e. as support, and the rest, about 50 million euros, are revenues from private businesses. soils and their collection.

But the concession contracts provided that there would be about 300 million euros that would be given in 30 years by the Albanian government plus about 128 million euros of investment that the company should make and plus the income that has apparently been stylishly hidden by the business, which have caught almost the same value that it had, the payments made by the government and the income that the incinerator company of Tirana would create, from the business, maybe it was even bigger.

Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the
The incinerator of Tirana

With the increase in the number of the population and with a simple arithmetic calculation, the total of the incinerator was about 1 billion euros. But nobody to this day admits that the incinerator project, PPP, has failed, it was a theft. Both politically and publicly, no one speaks.

In fact, there is a simple analysis beyond the numbers and thievery that is done by prominent exponents of Renaissance and the ruling party, by its people.

Beyond the names, they are all part of the dome of the SP.

The structure since Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and others in a row, including ministers, deputy prime ministers and what have been involved in this affair.

Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the
Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mertiri

Look at the specific case. Below we present a video, it was taken from the landfill in Korça District, where the Municipality of Korça, the Municipality of Pogradec, Kolonje, Maliqi and Devolli take the waste. A project of KFW Bank started about 17 years ago, it has been working perfectly for several years now. For almost 5 years, the municipalities of the Korça district have been taking waste to the Maliqi landfill.

Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the
The post of the head of Korça Municipality, Sotiraq Filo

This landfill is a project of KFW Bank, which has received a detailed study and a long term, and then, after the study has been done for the company, how to raise the management so that there is no failure, an investment has started .

The budget of the project is 14 million euros, the part of the landfill construction plus machinery and equipment of the landfill 9 million euros and the transfer stations, immediate measures and consultancies about 5 million euros.

The landfill started operating, i.e. accepting waste, in the middle of 2018. The landfill has a capacity that can hold 1 million tons of waste.

Now in the Korça District, there is no more gangrene for waste that is left in the fields and that is burned. Watch this video, it was published by the mayor of Korça.

According to official data, where the landfill has cost 14 million euros and is a final solution for at least 20 years, but with the current trend it can go up to 25 years.

It can go even further, since in the initial project there are three encapsulation points with 7-year terms.

There is no incinerator, there are no hundreds of millions of euros, the company does not make a loss. The municipalities pay approximately 15 euros/ton and these municipalities are shareholders of the company and the company has a manager.

Municipalities take the waste, pay a certain "fee" that is half the value that the incinerator of Tirana would have, which in turn would sell and create income from energy and other income and especially those that would received from the business, while here, with around 15 euros/ton, a state-owned company with municipal shareholders manages the waste in an excellent way.

On the other hand, it is expected that this fee will be reduced, since the good management and the increase in income, on the other hand, leads to the reduction of the amount that each municipality pays to take the waste to this landfill.

And in case they would have tried to build an incinerator in Korça, it would happen as it happens in Elbasan, where the municipalities of this district have to pay about 2 million euros per year to keep it lit.

They turn it on sometimes and now they say it is under repair. A new investment started in 2015 completed a while ago that is undergoing renovation.

Meanwhile, in the district of Korça, waste is processed at half the cost, with a management company, which is profitable, which is expected to reduce the waste collection fee, which has been studied by KFW Bank, has been invested by KFW Bank and is one of the enterprises more correct and safer investments.

Korça, a success story that once again shows the failure of the
Korce Municipality

Compare it a bit with the incinerators that received 172 million euros. One does not work, the other is not finished and the other does not exist./ CNA


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