When will Erion Veliaj apologize to Armand Duke?!

2023-10-13 12:18:00, Editorial CNA
When will Erion Veliaj apologize to Armand Duke?!
Photomontage - Armand Duka and Erion Veliaj

Yesterday, the Albanian national team gave a spectacular show, gave a somewhat unimaginable result.

The episodes from Hasan's first goal to the end showed that a dominant team had been formed, with strength, love, passion, that really wanted to win, even though the 97 minutes showed us that in front of them was an opponent not named great that he held in the history of football, but these are football cycles, their generations.

Our national team has a historic victory yesterday, it has one foot in the European "Germany 2024", a big celebration from the fans and a big celebration from the footballers.

When will Erion Veliaj apologize to Armand Duke?!

It is enough to look at their interviews and everywhere, in every aspect, you see joy, positive words and a maximum appreciation for coach Sylvinho and for the President of the Albanian Football Federation, Armando Duka.

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Duka is rewriting history because it is the second time that he is sending the Albanian National Team to the European Championship, without any doubt that it is the feet of the footballers and their sweat, but the contribution of Armand Duka and the AFL cannot be denied.

The selection made to coach Silvinjo by the Albanian Federation cannot be denied.

There were many skeptics about his arrival at the head of the National Team, but the Duke persisted and it is already bearing fruit. He found a coach who gave them strength, gave them spirit, gave them joy, gave them passion to move forward and bring such results.

Armand Duka, beyond any exaggeration, not only wrote history, but gave a public lecture, a lecture even to those fans who once attacked him and until yesterday accused him, an answer for the entire class of football, not only for the steps his last because he was elected vice-president of UEFA, but from the fact that he has the right vision to give the spirit that a National Team needs to the footballers as well as the selection of individuals who create the right team and who give it strength national.

Armand Duka also had enemies and one of the main enemies was Erion Veliaj.

Some time ago, which you can read in these articles that we have summarized, he was severely attacked by the mayor, Erion Veliaj.

Lali Eri chose one of his secretaries to attack him, he also brought out a rival, one of his students, but there is also a popular expression: "Ustai does not teach everything to the apprentice, and the apprentice could not teach Usta, or beat him in competition".

Imagine if the apprentice today was the president of the AFL, would they have Silvinho? Would we have this team, this spirit and this team? Or we would have the mayor of Tirana who would treat the National team like an incinerator that is missing in Sharre.

Beyond any servility towards Duka, beyond any political enmity with Erion Veliaj, the fact is one, Duka has made a great revolution in the Albanian Football Federation. With its pros and cons, the results speak for themselves and the winner is indeterminate.

The loser is Erion Veliaj, the man who today has a missing incinerator, a mountain of garbage and emergency after emergency in Sharre. This is how our National Team would be, this is how the Albanian National Team would be if Armand Duke's apprentice, his servant, who went and worked as a waiter at Erion Veliaj's, was selected.

Therefore, today is the time for the mayor of Tirana, if he has any shred of citizenship left, to come out and publicly apologize to the president of the AFL, Mr. Armand Duka, even though he probably doesn't like him, even though he probably fought a battle where swooped in to bite him, then someone tied him up and probably bit himself.

It is time to show that he understood that he could not turn the mountains of garbage in Sharre into mountains of garbage at the Albanian Football Federation.

When will Erion Veliaj apologize to Armand Duke?!
The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj

Today the winner is not only Armand Duka, it is all of Albania, it is the entire Albanian nation, so Lali Eri is at the right moment to reflect publicly, to make a public apology and not to show that he is a fan of the Islands Faroe is hiding behind the panties of our prime minister, the wide Japanese ones that can hold many of the little puppies of politics, the media and all kinds of individuals who were used to attack, accuse and slander Armand Duke, who today gave you a seal, the seal of victory, the seal of Albania in Germany "Euro 2024" with a vision, character and strength that bled the tired noses of the '99s who will never be able to be above the values ??of citizenship, above the values ??of culture, on the values ??of the future of Shiperia not simply and only in football, where the politics of gossiping, cursing and grabbing everything yesterday got the right lesson and the lesson was given by Armand Duka./ CNA

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