Who issues the incinerator documents?

2023-10-23 11:11:00, Editorial CNA

Who issues the incinerator documents?

It has been several years that, from time to time, documents related to the incinerator affair have appeared.

Official documents that are VKM, public documents, where the public has access, such as publications in the Official Gazette and others. A large set of documents that were published and administered during the parliamentary investigative commission, other documents were previously published in relation to the company, which are the documents, which are found "online". And already some documents that are "emails", official communications.

Where do the documents come from?

Regarding the official documents, there is not much need to understand where they come from. They are known, they are in the Official Journal, the VKM are public, many of them have been collected by "BIRN", the Parliamentary Investigative Committee administers official documents, and others like these.

So there are officials, there are people that the opposition still has within the state structures, who can help, provide documents, and there is no doubt about that.

Where were the company structure documents found and how did they come from in the Netherlands?

Just a simple search on this website " https://info-clipper.com/ " (which has been a treasure for us) is enough, so we don't have to keep it a secret any more, where all the data can be found for a fee simple, it finds structures and data of companies located abroad. There are hundreds of such websites.

It is enough to get the commercial number there , after the commercial number a search on the websites of the chambers of commerce or business registration centers and in the Netherlands with a person who knows a little Dutch with a little help, breaks down everything, completely in relation to the structure of the company , until the contract, is found inside. In case someone has difficulty, it is enough to follow these steps that we have said.

Recently, there are publications of "emails", but the "emails" are communications, Klodian Zoto's people with Mirel Mërtiri's people, so there are no third or fourth persons involved. There is no media that can have access to those "emails" because they are not part of their communication. There are no government officials in those "emails".

The question arises, who took out the "emails"?

So the criminal gang of incinerators has two sides that are "ripping apart" each other.

Who issues the incinerator documents?
Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mertiri

Mireli wants to bill Klodian Zoto and Arben Ahmetaj. Klodian Zoto can't bear all the weight on his back, but he stabs Mireli. On the other hand, it is claimed that Arben Ahmetaj is also on stage. This is all.

When they tear open each other's stomachs, the truths come out, documents are obtained and published .

Mireli took out the documents for Claude and Claude for Mireli, always for private communications between them and their subordinates. Including here also individuals within the companies of Mireli and Zoto, from Denisa & Co, Bualli Baxhanaku of Mërtiri Mark Jaka, etc., who cooperate with journalists, can cooperate with the media, for the release of documents according to interests, and this is a fact.

Part of the official documents the SP has taken out what it needs, the rest the opposition.

To think in 2023 that you will keep secret documents and online or official communications worth hundreds of millions of euros and set up a fraud scheme is simply madness


The theses that the documents were taken out by "Tigri" or taken out by "Lopa" have no value, or SPAK prosecutors up to Arben Kraja that Mërtiri and his people accused of publishing media contracts, when Mërtiri has them in the file or Zoto , nobody else.

Finally, Zoto's private communications with Mërtir come out, Mërtir's communications with foreign shareholders when Zoto was on the run are coming out.

Communications are going out when people are on the run.

Therefore it is not difficult to understand where the documents come from, who issues the documents and for what reason they issue the documents.

The criminal gang of incinerators is eating itself. Do you good!

The media has the duty to publish them, to put them in front of the Albanians, or the opposition has the duty to collect them and take them to the appropriate institutions.

1655 documents for SPAK

The DP expert group that has delivered 653 documents will deliver 1,002 more, according to confirmation to CNA.

The documents show the truth, the truth that will come out in the end and no one can hide it. A truth that must be carried to the end.

You cannot cover up a 170 million euro corruption affair with the words of some television of the incinerators' partnership and some of their soldiers. This is never going to happen.

Who issues the incinerator documents?
Mirel Mërtiri and the 3 incinerators

The more they fight, the more they get hurt, the more they pay money for propaganda, for slander and to lie to the public opinion, the more truths will come out and eventually the whole scheme will unravel.

SPAK, which is investigating, is endlessly receiving documentation from the "wise men" of the incinerator scheme who ended up "shooting" each other./ CNA


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SPAK tell us, WHO?

The issue of the incinerators is turning more and more...

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