All the power of the incinerators/ Mark Jaka, the main deputy of Mërtir and actions with the incinerator of Tirana

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All the power of the incinerators/ Mark Jaka, the main deputy of Mërtir and
Photomontage - Mirel Mërtiri and Mark Jaka

The denunciations about the incinerator affair keep coming and the scandals deepen, while new characters appear on the scene every day, including the 3 incinerators, the one from Elbasan, Tirana and Fier.

One of the people involved is Mark Jaka, Mirel Mërtir's brother-in-law, the "brain" of the incinerator affair.

All the power of the incinerators/ Mark Jaka, the main deputy of Mërtir and
Mark Collar

Mark Jaka is one of Mirel Mërtir's movements in Tirana, to control the situation, not to let everything get out of control.

So, Mirel Mërtiri and the people of the incinerators do not give up, they want at all costs to keep under control the profitable business where they have circulated and earned quite a few million euros in a few years, it is estimated that they have made around 25 million euros in profit since the signing of the contract.

A business with staggering profits, where foreign citizens are also involved, who declare under oath before the prosecutors that they do not know Mirel Mërtir, but in fact they have communications with official "e-mails", some of which are from opposition experts. was delivered yesterday with an official letter to the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani.

So, a situation that is not simply and only a small scheme with some corrupt people who have included senior leaders of the Albanian state are still trying to keep control.

It is more than that, foreign citizens are involved, the investment has not been carried out, they are seeking to carry out schemes to bring money to Albania in different ways to keep the incinerator, the landfill of Tirana under control, to manage Mireli himself and the people his, even though the latter is wanted internationally, avoiding justice.


Data and facts are numerous. SPAK has a lot of evidence. 653 pages were moved yesterday. Another 1,002 documents are expected to be delivered in the coming days regarding the incinerators.

Everything will reveal the complete scheme, not simply and only for the structured criminal group of incinerators, but also the occasional outbursts of attacks against SPAK, its prosecutors and people who have reported and denounced this affair.

Moreover, the media involved in partnerships and shares and money received from poor Albanians, which Mireli found in the incinerator, in his corrupt schemes and took them to the media for propaganda, for attacks and accusations against those who they tell the truth about the incinerator affair.

All the power of the incinerators/ Mark Jaka, the main deputy of Mërtir and
Mirel Mërtiri, the "brain" of the incinerators

It is not difficult to find paid whistleblowers, but attacks on SPAK are not actions of whistleblowers, but are criminal acts against constitutional institutions, they are criminal offenses and are punishable by law.

But all the institutions, according to the ones we have listed, have fallen into the hands of the incinerators, they are controlled by them, but SPAK has already filed charges. It is one of them that did not surrender to Mirel Mertir and his men.

Finally, the Real Estate Administration Agency did not succumb to either the pressure or the blackmail that came from a wider scheme that did not begin and end with the office meeting, but revealed a real, well-organized criminal group that went to state institutions, SPAK, and the media, with rampant propaganda to demand that everything be made available to Mirel Mërtir and his people.

Now what is expected are the SPAK investigations and the results, which are among the most flagrant, showing us once again that all the power belonged to the incinerators./ CNA

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