All the power of the incinerators/ From Mërtiri to Mark Jaka

2023-10-19 15:31:00, Editorial CNA
All the power of the incinerators/ From Mërtiri to Mark Jaka
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SPAK has investigated not a few, but thousands and thousands of pages of documents that started with the incinerator of Elbasan, Fier and went to Tirana.

Many names have been active and new ones are emerging. There are still many characters under investigation who start from the business world, go to politics and even the media.

Directly and indirectly related individuals who have benefited millions of euros from the incinerator affair.

Officially, until now, it is accepted that 170 million euros have been paid for the incinerators. About 110 million euros have been paid to the incinerator of Tirana by the government and private business and about 60 million euros have been paid to the incinerator of Elbasan and Fier.

In fact, in Elbasan we have an incinerator that remains under repair and garbage is burned, and in Fier an incinerator that does not work, does not work, because the equipment is missing, even though the company has said that it has completed the work, and in Tirana an incinerator that does not exist.

All the power seems to be in the incinerators

Mayors, ministers, deputy ministers, deputy prime minister, the mayor of Tirana, the prime minister, all accused of the incinerators case and a group of individuals who with the incinerators and the power of money have committed a criminal act, an affair that has cost them a lot the Albanian state.

An affair that gathered everyone along the way has found, every servant who for a "bone" is ready to turn kamikaze even without knowing the legal responsibility or perhaps and knowingly is ready to jail for Mirel Mërtiri & CO and for the authorities who signed or were involved in the incinerator affair.

All the power in the hands of the incinerators and their people is bad news, criminal news, painful news, because even though these incinerators and their companies have been seized by the people, their "brain", Mirel Mërtiri, continues to take money from them using schemes and individuals within it.

Someone says that the conflict has erupted between Zoto and Mërtir and for more than a year it is the latter who controls everything and finds solutions and schemes to continue to keep Tirana's incinerator under control, which according to experts in 30 years could bring about 1 billion euros.

On the other hand, documents and letters showing Mirel Mërtir, and taking 100% control of the incinerator affair, but also fighting with his people to still keep the seized incinerator under control.

Mirel Mërtiri wants control of the incinerator after the seizure

All the power of the incinerators/ From Mërtiri to Mark Jaka

Journalist Klodian Tomori, yesterday published an article in "Capital", where he pointed out that at the incinerator in Tirana, two managers were fired, and the private company that did the security was also removed, this is because all the vehicles that entered and unloaded the soil were not registered. so the scheme of transferring money into the pockets of Mirel Mërtir and his people continued, this was carried out in black, according to the journalist.

So, Tomori claims that all the tools were not registered, a large number of them were not reported, were not paid and the money was paid black money to the people who made this scheme and in the end the money went to Mirel Mërtiri and the people of the incinerators.

This has led to the birth of a conflict according to Klodian Tomorri.

For this reason, the head of the Seized Property Agency was also attacked. 

On the other hand, it turns out that the director himself was warned by the people of the incinerators about his departure and the report that would come to him.

A person is suspected, and SPAK was aware of this, went to the director's office and delivered messages from Mirel Mërtiri and the incinerators' people, Tomorri's article says. 

The suspect according to information provided by CNA is Mark Jaka.

All the power of the incinerators/ From Mërtiri to Mark Jaka
Mark Collar

For this person, SPAK prosecutors are aware of his actions in relation to the incinerators, but not only with the state official, who was then attacked with abuses by the incinerators' media, after a problematic report from the KLSH.

There are many other actions carried out, attacks, accusations, directed by the movements and interest of Mirel Mërtir in Tirana.

Jaka is the person who carried out, from meetings with lawyers, prosecutors, journalists, to coordinated media attacks, payments and others like these./ CNA


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