By Lutfi Dervishi/ Berisha, the next or the last battle?

2023-10-22 14:28:00, Editorial Lutfi Dervishi
By Lutfi Dervishi/ Berisha, the next or the last battle?
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

Sali Berisha is facing the most difficult battle of his life, being a myth, an institution, a nightmare for opponents (inside or outside the party), an idol, a patriot, a traitor, the creator, the inspirer and the destroyer of the DP .

Adored and hated with the same intensity, he has succeeded in these 33 years in power or not, to always be in the center of attention even when the events did not revolve around him.

The ups and downs that have accompanied him in his political career of 3 decades, start with the presentation as "the hope of democracy" in the 90s and culminate with the designation as "underminer of democracy" in 2021 by the US Department of State.

Leader in a country where his supporters vote for the person and not the party, Berisha more than anyone else in politics embodies the prototype of the Albanian in transition.

His entire political life after the fall of the communist system, is one idea, one ideal, one word: power. An intellectual in the best and worst sense of this word in Albania, Berisha, a hostage of great ambitions, forgot the intellectual of the 90s, and the politician, after the 90s, and saw himself not infrequently in the role of a missionary .

During his 33-year-old journey, he has appeared ruthless, but also seductive, depending on whether the person in front of him had to be destroyed or declared an ally.

With quick intuition and innate political instinct, Berisha has not faced fatality for the first time - 1997, 2021, could have been years of political obituary, but they were marked as years of his return.

With a reduced role when he was defined as a person "non grata" first by the USA and then by Great Britain, Berisha returned again as an important factor in the country's politics.

This support was there even when he faced the American decision, even when he chose to finally part with Basha, even when the paths of the headquarters were blocked on all four sides, even when the British isolated him, even when he was shot with a fist, even when he lost the elections local.

But in his fall, the "warrior" who has fought battles with fate, this time he is facing a more serious enemy than his political opponent Edi Rama, or SPAK, he is fighting against time!
Although the history of his battles (initiated by himself or imposed) has shown that in them not only the loser but also the winner has been lost.

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