A political lecture by Argita Malltezi - Berisha

2023-10-31 15:56:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
A political lecture by Argita Malltezi - Berisha
Argita Malltezi Berisha, daughter of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha

In the studio of Grida Duma, the daughter of the former prime minister Sali Berisha appeared on the television of the incinerator partners yesterday.

Argita Malltezi - Berisha made one of her rare media appearances after many years, which came after the arrest of her husband, Jamarbër Malltezi.

Argita and Malltezi are parents of 4 children, 3 girls and one boy.

She is a lawyer in a law firm, while Jamarbër Malltezi is a professor in Environmental Sciences.

A few days ago, Argita's husband was arrested with the claim that in cooperation with his father-in-law, former Prime Minister Berisha, he had developed properties and benefited from millions of euros.

In fact, the great accusation of this corruption is simpler, there is not a single lek, not a penny of what has been made available by SPAK so far to show that Jamarbër Malltezi has benefited from state money.

The whole debate is the fact, should or shouldn't the premises of the former club "Partizani" be returned to the owners?

This is the debate and it is claimed that with some legal changes, Berisha has made it easier for his son-in-law to introduce securities and others like these.

So, based on all the information we had, nowhere, at any point, does it appear that Jamarbër Malltezi has earned money from the taxes of the Albanians, from the income that should be administered by them.

A political lecture by Argita Malltezi - Berisha
Jamarbër Malltezi, head of the Department of Environment in DP

The whole debate is whether or not Malltezi and the other co-owners should have taken the property, where it is claimed that there are about 64 families.

Yesterday in her television appearance, Argita Malltezi Berisha gave a public lecture, a great political lecture.

It is enough to see the social networks and many opposition people who maintain a neutral position on political issues, but remain opponents of the government, wrote statuses, articulated and reported with enough respect due to the positions held by Mrs. Malltezi, who with calmness and arguments, with concrete facts and with clear and firm articulation it showed that everything that had happened was a political attack and claimed that justice was misused.

These are her arguments, but the way Argita Malltezi stood in public gave her a lot of points in public opinion and for the second or third time from her appearances, public opinion or people have asked her to be part of political life , so much so that Grida Duma herself on the show could not resist him on two occasions, asking him if he will engage in political life.

It seems like a seasoned politician, a very clear politician, brilliant in articulation, striking and with the calmness and force of the argument imposed what a politician should do in his appearances on the screen and in communication with the public.

Argita Malltezi, beyond political colors and convictions, gave the citizens her arguments, but also showed them that a lady can face, fight or even win the trust of the public, the trust of the citizens, the trust of the majority of Albanians with quiet exits , no mocking, no shouting, no cacophony, showing that the truth is not what the media spins, but there is a truth that everyone should know and hear, then what they believe is something else.

Argita Malltezi once again showed us the image of a prominent politician, she showed the image of a politician who knows what an attack is, what a withdrawal is, how the behind-the-scenes intrigues of politics work, up to stabbings in the back or political suicides.

Malltezi denied having recommended Lulzim Basha, but admitted that she had sent him to Berisha after Luli's own request.

On the other hand, he did not deny the big truths, scandals and problems of Berisha's government, where the two bombs were Gërdeci and 21 Janari. She clearly articulated both political and topical opinions, which let you understand that she digested political information, knew it and knew where she should stand.

Perhaps with a born political instinct, Argita Malltezi gave a clear public lecture yesterday. Although he denied that he was part of politics, he was asked a lot on the network. Within the Democratic Party, other personalities have more often mentioned Argita's abilities, her intellectual capacities, but she showed that the path she had chosen was something else, it did not suit her politics.

In fact, Argita Malltezi showed what the democrats wanted to see yesterday or today in Lulzim Basha, which they could never see, or in Berisha's successor, maybe even a little tired of the doctor's severity, with his strong attitudes, the profile the democrats are looking for is the one they saw yesterday in Argita Malltezi./ CNA

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