The standard we need from SPAK and the court

2023-10-24 14:41:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
The standard we need from SPAK and the court
SPAK - Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime

SPAK has started hitting hard left and right, opening investigations on important issues, there are people behind bars, but the standard is often questioned.

So, the way a prosecutor acts, or how another acts, how high someone goes and how low someone else is, and this is where the standard is needed.

And not only from SPAK, but also from the court, which cannot have some of the mother's and some of the stepmother's.

CNA, in an editorial some time ago, has said that there cannot be double standards in the investigation, as this cannot be justice.

The issue of incinerators was taken up and investigated, it was sent to Mirel Mërtiri, Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto, Alqi Blako or Lefter Koka and then to Arben Ahmetaj. And some specialists or employees of the administration, a bunch of prisons for nothing. The responsibility cannot be left to some officials. This is where it stopped, the investigation was not taken further. None of the mayors, the prime minister etc... no one else has been investigated for this matter.

Then the story turned again, Alqi, Mireli, Stela, Klodi, Lefteri and again in Tirana Alqi, Mireli, Stela, Klodi, Lefteri and Ahmetaj. But that's all. Who made the VVKM, but the 14 responses of the ministries within a day? There are many like this at incinerators, to the point that it has been more than 5 years since it has been reported and payments are still being made for a service that is not provided.

With the last standard used by SPAK against Berisha, with the standard that many are liking since Berisha has many opponents, we are exactly what CNA reported and requested a few weeks ago in the "Beqaj" case.

Many may not like Berisha, but the investigation and the court are not political.

So, you go to Ilir Beqaj and Beqaj is released and he is not arrested, his property is not investigated, he is not arrested for corruption, but he is taken as deputy minister, etc. Although the outside can spoil and manipulate the evidence.

Olta Xhaçka is being pursued at large under investigation, in the meantime she can spoil the evidence, moreover, she was a minister and is a member of parliament.

But the question arises, why is Olta Xhaçka still at liberty, when in fact the army properties he gave should not be given, on the contrary, they were given for development?

Why is Ilir Beqaj still at liberty as we mentioned above for the sterilization, or even for the "check up"?

What will be done with the investigations for the incinerators? Will Stela, Mireli, Klodi, Tigri, Alqi, Terri still remain? How will it be resolved? Or will fraud and corruption, which goes to the highest state levels, be completely revealed.

Accusation of Berisha and VKM of Rama

Berisha is charged even though there is no corruption, no benefit and loss of the Albanian state in that event, it is the return of property, started in 2004 by other family members and with the standard they have set, with the benefits they have received, since the permit was signed by Rama and the process was started in 2004 by Fatos Nano, dozens of people should have gone to prison.

Let's stick to the standard.

What happens when the prime minister is accused of making changes in the VKM or the law according to SPAK, which have led to the benefit of his son-in-law.

What about the VKM in Garda, which has Albanian state officials involved, what about the VKM in Liqeni for the towers, the 7-story tower without a permit that was built in the middle of Tirana, and was told that it will be demolished and on the other hand VKM letters were signed one after the other to make public properties the salons of an Italian media client who serves as a political machine gun, bypassing Enver's ZP.

Investigating the VKM and setting their standard, with SPAK and the court, there are no two ways, the same way should be followed for Rama for incinerators, sterilization, "check up" etc.

The standard we need from SPAK and the court
Prime Minister Edi Rama

The same way will be followed for what Majko, Meta or Fatos Nano have done, and if this standard is established, SPAK and the court should move forward, but not in a witch hunt with political orders, but with facts and proof.

To go to the VKM of a prime minister and give as an argument that he helped his son-in-law in a property that was actually his to develop and then these others who are accused, with dozens of ministers, to let them go because supposedly the decisions are collegial and argumentative forms are not found, there is a missing standard.

What Arben Kraja says in his accusation can stand, but it must be a standard set by the court. And this standard would bring down the prime minister, bring him under accusation just like Berisha for dozens of VKM, for dozens of concessions, together with the ministers. After Berisha, all prime ministers would be martyrs, the only one saved would be Lulzim Basha, who could not become one.

In case it is claimed that this is the right standard and this is the future for Albania to be a country where no one will escape the blow, this is the highest level of justice in the world, but can we claim today in Albania with the strikes that are taking place, with the accusations that this is an established standard and it will be of high quality?

Very good that it was started by Berisha. He was prime minister 10 years ago, but for those who have been in office for 10 years, what will happen?

The standard we need from SPAK and the court
Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha

What investigations will be carried out? What will be the standard? Will VKM be taken as a basis? Will the concessions be argued as such, which in fact, after the standards established with Berisha, are no longer the responsibility of the ministers under accusation, but the finger goes to the prime minister.

And in the event that SPAK and GJKKO will set the standard of VKM to investigate and judge them, Albania will never have a prime minister again, but will return from a Parliamentary Republic to a state of Prosecutors and Judges./ CN A

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