Why the Afrovita case will be repeated again

2023-10-26 13:54:00, Editorial Xhovan Shyti
Why the Afrovita case will be repeated again
Journalist Afrovita Hysaj

A journalist in Vlora, Afrovita Hysaj, after writing and reporting that there were not three but four people who had raped a girl, after drugging her, fell victim to a banal, criminal attack by a television owner.

In fact, according to the official version of the police, it turns out that the court has issued a restraining order for 4 people and the fourth is claimed not to be the son of the owner of the television, but the latter was misunderstood and attacked the journalist on the TV website in social networks.

Regarding this incident, there was an immediate reaction from many colleagues and journalists, with the aim of sensitizing the competent institutions to act. Unions and associations of journalists addressed their position in support of the journalist from Vlonia. The journalist's report to the police gave the legal direction to the case, and so on.

In fact, what is more problematic in all this cacophony is the offensive attack and the answer to the question: Will such cases, which count previous precedents, be repeated? Will definitely repeat. They will be repeated, because there is a lack of a strong law regarding "online" media. There is no law to consider such cases as "security measures" and that reports to "online" media should be reviewed within 48 or 72 hours, serving as a security measure.

As if the fact is missing that the anonymous media are not allowed to continue the mudslinging attacks, but are immediately blocked by ANA in the territory of Albania.

To be registered or held accountable before the courts in a faster way to carry out the punishment for those who commit these acts.

Today in Albania there are media owners who have anonymous portals. Yes Yes. For those who don't know: there are media owners who have opened anonymous portals with the aim of demotivating or protecting their image. There are journalists, kamikazes of fines and blackmail, threats and insults that these sons of owners have kept and keep in their editorial offices, opening anonymous portals.

They demand accountability from anonymity. Accusations of being investigators of the dictatorship, their sick minds invent and manipulate what they can. They are on a mission in monologue ham ham. You can't tell a barking puppy to stop, because it does worse.

They attacked judges and prosecutors on account of the crime. They attacked politicians. They attacked businessmen. There are dozens of proven cases.

It has been proven that businessmen have been attacked by them and then the marketing office and the owner of the stupid media have appeared, which has confirmed that the anonymous person is not just a fine journalist who is filling his pockets with dirty money, or, even worse , serves the crime of corruption, and, as we have heard, serves his contingent superior of these gangs. Here, from barking puppies, they turn into naughty puppies, a contingent of gangs, crime and corruption.

Unfortunately, this is done by not one, but several television owners, politicians, etc., using even some anonymous pages on social networks.

Why the Afrovita case will be repeated again

Due to the rules of social networks, many of them are careful in articulations, in insults, in swearing, as they are blocked, deleted, while on the "web" they use unregistered anonymous pages, companies that receive advertisements, in fact and payments registered under other names. Then they lead to liquidity, hide, do not show up or confront. Someone lies to someone else and so on.

Therefore, the case of Afrovita is the next alarm that comes after that last statement, from many businessmen who appeal the necessity of a new law for "online" media.

Because the time has come for it to be clear who the real media are, who are the payers, those who are known and those who hide and their bosses who make editorials as if they do not know those who employ and pay the journalists, their subordinates , who give them a salary and then their face appears in the main news as an editorial. Crime, the media, tends to hide, but today it is in public.

It is more immediate than ever for the journalist community to react in solidarity, to have a voice, not only in the case of Afrovita, the girl journalist who was attacked by the owner, but also in all cases where the anonymous ones, misused by the owners of the media, who themselves are corrupt people, connected to crime, involved in acts of theft of public tenders and corruption with power and so on, of every kind, of every kind of form. Reaction is needed when they attack businessmen, judges, prosecutors, etc. criminally without any argument or professionalism, but on account of the fine and the crime that orders them.

If this is not done, that is, if everyone does not become one voice to point the finger at the wound, the "Afrovita" case will be repeated and repeated without stopping. It will simply and only have a one-day, two-day reaction and that's it.

Examples should be made of blackmailers, fines, their superiors and those who are connected to crime in the media and those who dare to raise their hand to fine the business or those who take money from one side to attack the other side.

Anonymities, which if they are not registered, do not have a correct address, do not have legal responsibility, do not have an editor-in-chief, do not have media registered in taxes, do not pay taxes, should not only be closed, but be held accountable before the law. To be punished by a law that is very harsh and not to remain simply and only with what was done once, many years ago with the decriminalization of defamation. No, we are still very far from such a classification. We are still in pre-society and cannot be converted into society unless we separate the wheat from the tares.

Defamation, insult and fines should be criminalized many times more in the Albanian law to remember once and for all the public charlatans who are used by their superiors as Kalashnikovs against journalists, their colleagues, against those who fight every day for the truth in Albania and fall victim to the war of media bandits paid by crime and corruption./ CNA

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