Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media should be banned

2023-11-16 15:33:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE


Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media
Grida Duma in yesterday evening's show about private hospitals

In the countries of the European Union and in many countries of the region, including the Balkans, advertising of hospitals, but also of most pharmaceutical products, is prohibited. Only those that do not include antibiotics are allowed. So, certain products are specific, which can be marketed in pharmacies and can be allowed to be advertised, mainly cosmetics and others like these. In Albania, there is a criminal phenomenon that has been happening for many years, it is related not only to the advertising of hospitals, but also of pharmaceutical products, moreover, to threats, blackmail and fines made by the media, against these businesses, or private health activities.

First, the European Union has resolved the issue of advertising by private hospital services by regulation, such and such a doctor, such and such a hospital, such and such a surgeon cannot be advertised in the EU, but simply and only written about their successes, there are reports, there are articles in prestigious journals, assigned to the field, or successes due to a difficult intervention, for scientific studies and others like these. How many people should private hospitals advertise? How many people were born, or how many died, how many were cured or not. This does not happen in any EU country, on the contrary, the funds, the institutions that have their own health control and that do the full supervision of the activity, there the doctors register, their activity is recorded, the number of interventions they perform, the cures they do, the patients they have had under control and others like these.

Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media
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On the other hand, in pharmaceutical products, it is categorically prohibited to advertise different antibiotics or medical products, which are marketed as a lifesaver or as a solution for various health problems or diseases.

In Albania, you often hear advertisements about the prostate, a disease, a problem that requires medical treatment, antibiotics, various medicines, even surgical intervention and from doctors in that field. On the Albanian screens, advertisements about how to solve the problem of the prostate quickly, or how to solve the problem of the knees with some creams, how to solve the problem of the intestines. Health problems, which can be diseases and need to be followed and treated at the doctor's, the citizens look at as ordinary advertisements on TV, run after them and aggravate the health condition.

Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media
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These are the 2 areas that the EU has totally banned, while in Albania, the media blare advertisements, round the clock, abusing the citizens. On the other hand, they are threatened, blackmailed to the point of fining various companies that provide hospital or pharmaceutical services.

There are several cases, there was also a report to the prosecutor's office between a pharmaceutical company and "Top Channel". There are several cases of different media blackmailing and threatening different private hospitals, different pharmaceutical companies, and then pocketing the bribe of corruption and fines, and these articles are removed.

Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media
Top Channel building

Once a pharmaceutical product is abused by unfairly blackening it, abusing a problematic health case, one of those that doctors face every day and there are dozens and hundreds of them per month and year. Lies, slander, half-truths, blackmail and threats are used to spoil the image, to destroy everything that a company has built, whether it is a service, whether it is a medical product, an antibiotic, which is not simply and only given by an advertisement, but it must be given by a doctor, there is an institution that registers them, that advertises them and that shows the direct and indirect effects and the side effects.

Why advertising of private hospitals and pharmaceutical products in the media
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For this product, it is written, for services it is charged. Why? Because the political financiers want their piece. They demand their share, which is a crime. It is a fine, a blackmail, a threat, a corruption. It is required, because it has the courage, because the law has tolerated them, because the prosecutor's office has tolerated them, because the police and its structures have tolerated them to use the media as a weapon, as a cannon and to target a business, a private hospital service, a company pharmaceutical for its products. A criminal act that takes place every day under the nose of the Albanian state, is understood as a violation of the rules and principles of the European Union.

Here, the owners of these companies themselves have their responsibility, who often fall prey to blackmail, threats, fines and want to protect their image. And by allegedly giving advertising money, they think they can solve the problem they have today, but they don't know that that problem will burden them even more tomorrow and it will be even worse the day after tomorrow because it has simply increased the number of fines, he added the attacks and acts of banditry that are carried out by the media also against the people of the hospital service or against the pharmaceutical companies./ CNA

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