The Prime Minister's "suicide" with the media

2023-11-15 14:45:00, Editorial CNA
The Prime Minister's "suicide" with the media
Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama yesterday was present at the Media Forum for Southeast Europe. Among the many positions held by Mr. Prime Minister, he emphasized that he had been defamed, so there had been untruths and accusations that had made his skin like the concrete of an anti-nuclear bakery.

In fact, our prime minister, who is also a journalist, likes to play the role of influencer, or play with podcasts, he wants to have media such as tourism journalism, showbiz, happy news and others like this, but he forgets. that Albania cannot be happy with 400 thousand lek salary and forgets that in a decade he is responsible for the development of a country.

There may be an increase in tourism and it may want a cultural journalism, but in front of it there is corruption, PPPs, government affairs, ministers under investigation by SPAK, General Secretaries, mayors, corrupt directors, thugs and thugs , incriminated deputies, incriminated mayors. If they were missing, we could have another Albania, but we don't have it.

The Prime Minister, on the other hand, committed suicide, after he said that they had accused him very strongly, those who accused the Prime Minister or directed the media during the first opposition of Berisha, or the long opposition during the time of Fatos Nano, or when Rama has become prime minister, or when PD was in power, they are now all in the armpit of our honorable prime minister, Mr. Rama.

The Prime Minister's "suicide" with the media
Fatos Nano and Edi Rama

We are not talking here about the Renaissance media that chirp like birds at the prime minister's side, nor about "Top Channel", nor about Carlo Bollino, nor about "News 24" or "Ora News" that have started to keep an eye on the government . We are not talking about those 4-5 portals that belong to the opposition or hold the opposition line, but about the majority of the media that actually report chronicles, scandals, even though they belong to and support the government, because they are so big that they cannot avoid them. . There are so many issues that are dealt with in SPAK, that the prime minister cannot deny them.

Yesterday's suicide, emphasizing the serious charges against him, which were in fact criminal and were such, Edi Rama should sue and punish the journalists in his court because they were laid in the bed of our prime minister by Saliu. honorable

Without leaving aside the anonymous ones used by Rilindja who are paid from incriminated money, from corruption money, from theft, from abuses of power up to the unbridled luxury of the officials who love "our Skenderbeu" so much that they put everything at their disposal . This is not the case for Elisa, she is a drop of water in the media ocean of the prime minister, who controls her by majority and does not like her as a beautiful painting of Albania.

The Prime Minister's "suicide" with the media
Edi Rama and Elsa Spiropali

In fact, Albania does not have such a view, it is sunny, it is grey, it is rainy, it is stormy, it is full of rain, it is full of fines, as Prime Minister Rama said when he came to power until he controlled most of the media. Now he still keeps under his arm to keep them precisely those who have made those accusations, these serious accusations that the prime minister mentioned.

There are now media billionaires on Prime Minister Rama's side. Apart from them, there are others, but they are at the level of Elisa, they are many steps below if we compare the latter with Edi Rama. They are small, they are fines, they are angry, they have money from crime and corruption. They are small in office compared to the prime minister's billionaires, just as Elisa is in the Rama government.


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