Public and media morality of Carlo Bollino

2023-11-04 13:50:00, Editorial CNA
Public and media morality of Carlo Bollino
Carlo Bollino

Carlo Bollino confronted Oerd Bylykbash, the vice-president of the Democratic Party, a few days ago on a television.

Bollino has probably always been used to doing monologues and debates differently, but apparently with Bylykbashi "the saw stuck in the nail".

He swallowed and tried to laugh ironically when Bylykbashi told him that he had built on a property that the owners had given to build a gymnasium and he had placed his television there.

For this case, in fact, there were 3 decisions of the Council of Ministers from the leasing to the demolition of the buildings for the interest of Carlo Bollino by the government of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In fact, Carlo Bollino is a pious spokesman and soldier, he is an indisputable propagandist of the Renaissance, of Prime Minister Edi Rama and Mayor Erion Veliaj.

Bollino, more than a journalist, who should be in the role of an opponent, he did this task only when the DP or Berisha were in power, today he is a sworn enemy of the DP publicly and this is already known.

Carlo tried to make his morality public, which he often does, or even political. There is no big difference, he is almost the voice of the people of the Labor Party once upon a time or in other words an old caracter of media opinion.

Public and media morality of Carlo Bollino
Carlo Bollino

Bollino, who speaks and is surprised when they accuse him with concrete facts, cannot deny the 3 VKM for the property he received when he built the television. 3 VKM, for which according to the standard that Sali Berisha is being investigated, Edi Rama should also be investigated if we want to have the same standard in justice, to understand afterwards if there is a criminal offense or not.

Morally, Carlo Bollino cannot speak, he is a beneficiary of public property from the Government as a servant of the latter and has received many rewards, it is enough to see the activity, businesses and income. He is no longer a journalist or a publisher, but a beneficiary.

Public and media morality of Carlo Bollino

Carlo Bollino has concessions, which are invested by the government and then managed by the latter.

Carlo Bollino is a direct or indirect beneficiary of public funds, or investments, tenders and income of Albanian taxpayers.

DP has denounced the benefits of Igli Gjelishti and the subcontracting of Carlo Bollino, who always justifies that he has a company to do work.

The question arises, why was it subcontracted and not taken directly? These belong to SPAK investigations.

Furthermore, in the public or political morals of Carlo Bollino, we can say that there are many, many issues, which are also considered as violations of the law and criminal offenses and for this reason he has been reported to SPAK.

Yesterday, Carlo Bollino probably felt himself to have the highest morale, after the sewage flooded in Tirana, Lana exploded, drowned his television and for hours he has been without a TV signal.

The drowned people say, maybe the damage is great and the problem will take time to be solved, but Carlo will still remain the same. Even though the sewage exploded and drowned the television, he did not say a word against the mayor Erion Veliaj or the municipality for the management of the situation, and while Tirana was being flooded, the mayor came out and supported, gave courage to Florence or Tuscany.

Carlo Bollino, with the public, media and political morality he seeks to sell when he is the beneficiary of funds, concessions or public property, cannot be any different than that prostitute expelled from the brothel for immorality. Carlo makes the corrupt renaissance fresh.

What attitude can you have when you hear Carlo speak against corruption, when you hear Carlo speak against those who have benefited from public property, when you hear Carlo speak against those who have benefited from concessions or money from Albanian taxpayers. It has developed businesses under the influence of the Albanian government.

Carlo is a megaphone of the Renaissance, where public, media and political morality cannot be demanded of him. It is not simple and only a publisher, a propaganda journalist who does not differ much from the patriotazists of the Government, except that he and some around him are the patriotazists of the media.

Moreover, he also performs the role of screenwriter, but it seems that he is even weaker there than his public, media and political morals./ CNA

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