What scared Agron Shehaj who left the Democratic Party?!

2023-11-12 12:30:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
What scared Agron Shehaj who left the Democratic Party?!
Deputy Agron Shehaj

Agron Shehaj entered politics quite by accident. When Lulzim Basha started his mission of destroying and selling the opposition as a commodity in the Cham market.

Someone said that he bought the deputy's mandate, someone else said that he was catapulted without any contribution, that he was recommended to Lulzim Basha. The latter defended Agron Shehaj with pathos in several television studios, after the unsavory list he prepared in 2017.

Upon entering Parliament, Shehaj became ridiculous, often the object of ridicule by his colleagues, but then he began to build credibility and perhaps even gather votes. Because of the large finances that he had, he was able to create small teams, which advertised heavily in the capital.

Finally, even though he contributed almost 6 years in politics, Shehaj left unexpectedly.

In 2021, he tried to overthrow Lulzim Basha, although he did nothing else, he simply turned into a notary of a manipulated race, controlled by Basha and finally sealed by Jemin Gjana.

As soon as Foltorja began with the declaration of Sali Berisha "non grata" and his exclusion from the parliamentary group, Agron Shehaj was among the first to join the former prime minister.

There were strong public appearances, harsh attitudes towards Lulzim Basha, unlike other deputies such as Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji, Gazment Bardhi, who lined up in favor of Basha and started frontal attacks, swearing, insults and slanders against Berisha.

What scared Agron Shehaj who left the Democratic Party?!
Agron Shehaj and Lulzim Basha

The deputy of Vlora district, who was then included in the winning list of Tirana, took a very clear position against Lulzim Basha and in favor of former prime minister Berisha.

A few days ago, rumors spread that Agron Shehaj would leave, would withdraw from the political part of the Democratic Party. But what scared Agron Shehaj with a 6-year activity that almost started to create something, stand out somewhere?

Disappointment from the Democratic Party?!

Disappointment with DP could be one of the reasons, but it does not seem to be so. There was no disappointment, he had taken the decisions himself, he had run for president, he had served 2 terms as a member of parliament, without any contribution before them, he came from the street, he had taken positions, he had become a public figure, but he saw it clearly and read it clearly the future of the divided DP was not certain.

Everyone knows this, Berisha knows it, Basha knows it too, but it is a matter of elections, who will serve the prime minister, and who will overthrow the prime minister tomorrow.

What scared Agron Shehaj who left the Democratic Party?!
Agron Shehaj and Sali Berisha

Agron Shehaj did neither the first nor the second, he is trying to make a third pole that again like in the case of Basha in the presidential elections, he will not do anything else, but he will also serve Edi Rama to take away some votes from the opposition and serve the prime minister.

With this action, with the emergence of a possible party and with a separate vote, he refutes the thesis that he was disappointed by what was happening within the DP and goes to the fact that he would serve Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Fear and confrontation with Prime Minister Rama

Another reason is the fear of Agron Shehaj and the confrontation with the prime minister.

What scared Agron Shehaj who left the Democratic Party?!
Edi Rama and Agron Shehaj

Agron Shehaj's fear may have arisen after several statements he made publicly in Parliament, where he emphasized that Edi Rama was attacking him and destroying businesses.

In addition, tape was placed on a building at one of Agron Shehaj's businesses, which was an unauthorized facility.

At that time there was a reaction, but from Agron Shehaj's denunciations, the government moved to concrete actions, the argument being that the facility was without a permit.

So there are a few steps. Agron Shehaj, who comes from the street and becomes a deputy, then runs for party chairman, collides with Basha, becomes Berisha, and between this time we also have Agron Shehaj, who denounces Prime Minister Rama, claims that the latter is trying to destroy them businesses and then announces the withdrawal.

Agron Shehaj withdraws from the Democratic Party to join a separate party.

So, the thesis of the DP case falls, the thesis of hitting businesses falls, and the most reliable fact is that Agron Shehaj is turning into a servant instrument of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

After seeing that the DP was weak, he failed to get what he wanted, after he faced the government and then his businesses had problems, he already chose what Lulzim Basha did, the man who made him a deputy, to go to the armpit of Edi Rama and tomorrow come out with another party to serve the prime minister with some burnt votes, just as he will serve Lulzim Basha and some other mercenaries that prime minister Edi Rama has corrupted and watered in the opposition's garden ./ CNA

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