Success in SPAK life for Ilir Beqaj

2023-11-18 19:57:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE

Success in SPAK life for Ilir Beqaj

Today SPAK announced the second security measure for the former Minister of Health, the man of two famous PPPs, check up and sterilization.

According to SPAK's announcement, the security measure given to former minister Ilir Beqaj was "obligation to appear" and hand over the passport in order not to leave the country.

Meanwhile, a few months ago, when the first measure of the prosecution was made, requested by the prosecutor Edvin Kondili, who is known as one of the flamboyants of Rilindja in the justice system and within the SPAK, no coercive measures or measures were requested other security to former minister Beqaj.

Success in SPAK life for Ilir Beqaj
Prosecutor Edvin Kondili

Judge Erjon Bani was the one who returned the file to the prosecutor, asking him to delve into the investigation and now a measure has been given, which is actually being trumpeted as harsh, but it is only a third or fourth standard that we have seen from SPAK and GJKKO recently.

SPAK standards

CNA has often reported that what is required by SPAK are standards, meaning with one form, one way with all characters and not one of the mother and some of the stepmother.

What happened to Ilir Beqaj today is a new, third or fourth standard, a new repeated form. And this is where doubts arise and then politics accuses SPAK of having political control.

Beyond the accusations that SPAK or the court has political leadership, there is another analysis, which we emphasized above, which are the standards.

Today, Ilir Beqaja's freedom is guaranteed until the end of the trial and the rendering of the decision by all levels of the court. This is because it is clearly written in the Penal Code, the judge cannot give a security or coercive measure higher than what the prosecutor requests.

Success in SPAK life for Ilir Beqaj
Former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj

The security measure against Ilir Beqaj has been given to be free, to hand over his passport even though his party is in power and he can spoil the evidence, even though he is being investigated and for the check-up, even though Ilir Beqaj has all state support and can distort and damage investigations.

There is no security measure "prison arrest" regardless of this, but there is a security measure "handover passport" and "compulsion to appear", which means that with the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania, with the measure given today by the court after the request made by the prosecutor, Ilir Beqaj will remain free until it is investigated and the final decision of the court is given.

Klekka with the procedures

It is understood, the problem is in the procedures, one appeal will be made, another will not be made, a decision of the first instance will be given, it will be appealed, it will be sent to the Appeal, it will be postponed, it will go to the Court of High, which means that Ilir Beqaj will continue to live free until the trial ends and there is a final decision.

Another standard we saw today from SPAK, after that of Jamarbër Malltez , who could not destroy any evidence of the investigation, while he had been investigated for the same case for several years and could be prosecuted freely, since the evidence could not disappear , there was no way to act to damage the investigation, while Ilir Beqaj who has the party in power, who has his prime minister in power, is released, only his passport is taken. With or without that document, Beqaj is a potential evidence hazard.

Success in SPAK life for Ilir Beqaj
Teacher Jamarbër Malltezi

So, some of the mother's and some of the stepmother's, the one who spoils the evidence he lets go, the one who has no chance of spoiling the evidence he leaves in prison.

Edvin Kondili, Flakadan of the Renaissance

The scheme is clear, the security measure required by the prosecutor is easy, you have to show up, hand over your passport and that's it. Until the end of the trial, Ilir Beqaj will be a free citizen, while a lecturer, a doctor as he was a while ago, or another citizen, who has no risk for investigations, especially in such cases of corruption, is behind bars.

In case you were close to the prime minister, surprisingly you are free, as in the case of Ilir Beqaj, although you may risk spoiling the evidence and investigations.

And this is the standard set by prosecutor Edvin Kondili, who, as we pointed out, is a Rilindza firebrand, one of the prosecutors who is widely known for his support for the majority in power./ CNA

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