Even the German courts learn about the incinerator affair

2023-11-17 15:05:00, Editorial CNA
Even the German courts learn about the incinerator affair
Mirel Mertiri and Klodian Zoto

In North Rhine-Westphalia, in one of the 137 civil courts of this state in Germany, the incinerator company "Integrated Energy BV SPV" together with "GeoGenix", its mother, have reported the journalist Elvi Fundo regarding some articles made claiming that they are slanderous, untrue, the writings have no basis and so on. Where basically the denial of Mirel Mërtir, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalles as connected with these companies, their management for the Tirana landfill and even Zimbabwe was required. (Facts and evidence that have already been proven by SPAK, the process started a year ago).

In fact, the report to the journalist started in three names, the parent company, Mirel Mërtiri and the "Integrated Energy" company.

Along the way, the name of Mirel Mërtir was removed from the report, at that time SPAK declared him the "brain" of the incinerators. In the official lawsuit that comes to the journalist, Mireli's name is missing.

Today, the court held the first session after a year where none of the representatives of the subsidiary company in Tirana or the parent company in Holland appeared, where in fact Mirel Mërtiri is hiding behind the whole scheme.

Except for their lawyer, who by all accounts just didn't know what to say at this trial, was in deep trouble.

At the opening of the session, the judge of the case emphasized that the articles looked interesting and that she had googled, that is, she had searched in relation to these articles and the persons mentioned, Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Stela Gugallja, who, according to her, turned out to be wanted persons in Albania, but there were other developments from the justice system regarding the Tirana incinerator.

A case that probably does not happen in our justice system, but in Germany the judge giggled to search, to see how the truth stood.

The lawyer of the company "GeoGenix", where the pivot of everything is Mirel Mërtiri, asked to make an agreement so that no more such articles would be written and the journalist Fundo would not repeat or write about the incinerators.

Even the German courts learn about the incinerator affair
Mirel Mertiri

In fact, the request for an agreement made by the lawyer of the company "GeoGenix", the mother of the scandal of the incinerator affair, of the Tirana incinerator in Albania, was harshly rejected.

After everything went in favor of the journalist, the lawyer of the incinerator company demanded that the responsibility should not lie with the administrator of the company and legally in Albania, but with the shareholder, when in fact in the laws of commercial companies the administrator is responsible.

The court in Germany was clear. The charges against the journalist were dropped. It is the responsibility of an Albanian court to review it. In fact, Mirel Mërtiri made the same charges in Albania and lost the trials.

The lawyer of the incinerator company said that he did not trust the Albanian courts, although in this case they lied to the court because there were several reports and trials in Albania, which the citizen Mirel Mërtiri lost.

The German court learns that there is an affair in Albania

The issue of incinerators, in fact, and the report in Germany, had its very positive side because the German court learned that there is an affair in Albania and there are journalists who denounce it, and this is not only Elvi Fundo, who has been sued in Germany.

Even the German courts learn about the incinerator affair

There are dozens more, who are moving forward in the battle to bring the incinerator affair and corruption to the end, to bring them to the dock as an organized criminal group, not as individuals who have corrupted or defrauded the state and want to get away with trials or light legal punishments with 5 or 6 years of imprisonment.

The structured criminal group of incinerators cannot stop journalists neither in Germany, nor in Albania, nor anywhere else in the world for the truth, for their theft and affair that took 110 million euros for 6 years and today there is no incinerator in Tirana.

Today, Tirana's landfill risks a national emergency again due to a corruption scandal involving a gang of thieves who defrauded the Albanian state, stole, committed corruption and are now seeking to escape justice./ CNA


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