Why are Rilindsha media "crying" late about the court and SPAK standards

2023-11-23 14:26:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
Why are Rilindsha media "crying" late about the court and SPAK

In the last two days, we have seen a frontal attack by the majority of the media of the ruling party, many journalists of Rilindja and its fines against a court decision and SPAK.

A harsh reaction, with scenarios, with connections, with conspiracy theories simply and only because a judge released and sent to "house arrest" a professor, such as Jamarbër Malltezi, who is accused by SPAK of an inherited property, which he has developed and in fact there is no benefit from the state budget and the taxes of the Albanians.

Beyond the issue of Malltez, they were very worried why the latter came out. On the other hand, this was not the reaction of these media when SPAK did not demand the arrest of Ilir Beqaj, but the file was returned by judge Erion Bani. Judge Bani was then attacked by many Renaissance media and their finers.

This was not the reaction, why wasn't Ilir Beqaj arrested, while he was a high-ranking official and could risk the evidence, and the issue of "check up" is being investigated, where there is another report.

Why are Rilindsha media "crying" late about the court and SPAK
Former Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj

This was not the reaction for Vangjush Dako, who was arrested. It was not called a double standard. Why didn't Rilindja protect Vangjush Dako, but was worried about the release of Malltez and didn't say a word, but wanted to keep Ilir Beqaj free as well?

Why didn't he talk about Vangjush Dako? The palace was there, the floors were there, where would they go? Would Dako wait for them? Why should he stay in a cell? Couldn't he be investigated in a free state like Ilir Beqaj? Isn't there a double standard?

What would Jamarbër Malltezi do with the evidence? Where would it take them? How would he eradicate them, when he has neither power nor anything?

On the other hand, arrest was requested and Arben Ahmetaj escaped? Is this the established standard of justice? Were the assets investigated? Did it go all the way? Why is there one standard with Ahmetaj and another with Ilir Beqaj? Why didn't the Renaissance media compare these two?

The standard of SPAK and GJKKO has not only failed in the "Malltezi" case, but the Rilindja media, the propaganda ones, paid by Rilindja, those that have found a way to impose fines in the name of the government do not speak when they see that there are not only excesses, but non-implementation of the standard.

It was greeted by all the action of Altin Duman and the support given to him by the court, even by Rilindja media itself, because the prime minister had previously talked about backbiting, but this reaction was not made for Ilir Beqaj.

Why was prosecutor Edvin Kondili not asked to follow the same standard of Arben Ahmetaj?

Yesterday there was a reaction and there were crocodile tears and complaints about why Jamarbër Malltezi had been released. Why was there no mention of Vangjush Dako, who could not destroy any evidence, but was kept in prison?

Why was there no talk about the former deputy minister who went to prison for a crate of fish and other officials who are not actually under investigation by the SPAK or the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana and the cases were dismissed for more serious facts ?

What now after the justice reform? There are many other events and cases that SPAK did not investigate on its own, nor did they go to the GJKKO, but went to the Court of Tirana and the Criminal Court.

Why don't Renaissance media talk about the missing standards? Was a standard set with Arben Ahmetaj? He had to be saved!

Why are Rilindsha media "crying" late about the court and SPAK
Former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj

Or is the standard set by Ilir Beqaj and Edvin Kondili? What is the standard? That of Vangjush Dako? What is the standard? The one who decided for Jamarbër Malltez?

For many other cases, the Renaissance media do not speak, they do not mention anything, and when CNA and some media that are open opponents of the government, but also of the opposition itself in many directions, these media are silent.

They were silent when a standard was required. On the contrary, there were accusations, there were also counterattacks because they did not understand that time would delay, but he did not forget from the prime minister to the last that "karma is a bitch", that is why the standard is needed.

Everyone is looking for the standard of reform in justice, as it is hundreds of millions of euros of European taxpayers and American citizens for a justice in Albania and a justice is created that has no standard and we can give ten different forms of coercive measures to persons for the same issues certain or various court decisions regarding certain persons.

Therefore, beyond crying for Jamarbër Malltez, beyond being upset about Arben Ahmetaj, beyond laughing for Ilir Beqaj, or being silent about Vangjush Dako, raise your voice for the missing standards of new justice, which cannot be different in one case and different in another with different measures and decisions from SPAK itself to GJKKO./ CNA

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