Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?

2023-11-22 13:36:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?
The incinerator of Tirana

SPAK has seized the incinerator of Tirana, made a public announcement, declares that it is about millions of euros, evasion, concealment, corruption with high officials, all directed by the man who implemented the scheme, Mirel Mërtiri.

The latter, partner of Klodian Zoto and co-habitant of Stela Gugallja, "built" the 2 incinerators, while the third took the money and did not build it at all.

Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?
Photo montage - Stela Gugallja, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto

The documents have proven that Mirel Mërtiri is the "brain", the documents have proven that the concession company was built by Klodian Zoto. The documents have proven and are now administered by SPAK, that Mirel Mërtiri directs every operation and together with Klodian Zoton and senior state officials cheated to steal large sums of money.

They defrauded the Albanian state, since the company did not have the 128 million euro investment as it stated, but took several loans from second-tier banks and then, contrary to the law, without obtaining permission from the relevant line ministry, sold shares of the parent company formally, in some businesses, calling them dormant shareholders, who in fact were simple and only the people who would find the financing and would receive 25% of the total amount they would provide.

So, about 25 million euros out of 100 million euros of financing that would be provided for the Tirana incinerator, which even today after 6 years does not exist.

It's been 6 years and a month since the concession contract was signed and the company has received around 110 million euros, which is money from the taxes of Albanians, money from the private business of Albania, money also paid from the state budget through the unconditional fund or the Municipality of Tirana.

Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?
Municipality of Tirana

Of these millions of euros, the company claims to have invested about 30 million, but in fact, based on a document, which was made public and is in the hands of SPAK, the real statement is 22 million euros for the investment made and today there is no incinerator in Tirana, it is still an old landfill, a big mountain of garbage, an emergency situation.

Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?
The document that shows that the Tirana incinerator company has invested 22 million euros

22 or 30 does not matter, where did the other 80 million euros go is the question, where the concessionaire company does not have in its investments equipment, incinerator parts ordered and others like these, they are simply payments made to subcontractors and services others, from the millions of euros that have been paid to the media, construction companies and others like these.

The rest of the money is not known where it went and no one can say this until now, not even SPAK. The accusations continue, the incinerators were made by Arben Ahmetaj, Damian Gjiknuri has no hand, he made them with Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri has no hand.

These are part of the media propaganda of the Rilindasi gang of journalists who were paid millions of euros by the incinerators, many of them already proven in the SPAK file.

Beyond propaganda and daily lies, they are part of the file and are being investigated.

The truth of the incinerators file is one, the incinerators are the will of Renaissance, the will of the party in power, where the entire government was aware, from the prime minister and all the mayors, who from the first to the last of them at least 3 years or more, they should have reacted to the incinerator affair, they should have stopped the payments, they should have done their investigations, they should have done their checks.

In 6 years in the incinerator of Tirana, the institutions, the project implementation units have not performed their duties, the State Control has caught flagrant violations.

Where were the other institutions? Where was the ministry that paid the money? Where were the Taxes? Where was the Municipality of Tirana, which controlled every nook and cranny of the capital and did not know what was happening at the incinerator?

Where were the mayors in the cities where the incinerators were built, who declared emergencies, but today they are still in a state of emergency?

Where was the prime minister? He did not listen when the journalists shouted, facts and evidence came out, but he always denied and denied politically and sent the situation in Sarra to the brink of a catastrophe and a great political scandal, which will not only take away many of his ministers.

Citizens do not demand revenge, nor does journalism demand imprisonment, but the facts and evidence published by the media show that a number of high-ranking officials are involved in a major criminal and corrupt affair.

110 million euros were taken in Tirana, today there is no incinerator and the capital is on the brink of disaster, but in front of it are 80 million euros, which is not known where they have gone.

So, SPAK, faced with the scheme and specific names, must clarify the complete procedure for the Tirana incinerator, and on the other hand, must tell the Albanians where the money went.

Where did the 110 million euros that the Tirana incinerator company received go?

SPAK must seize every possible asset of the individuals involved in this affair and return to the Albanians the money stolen by the corrupt criminal gang of incinerators, including the media.

The incinerators that do not work, that have not been completed and that do not exist, since 2014 have cost the state budget, Albanians and business around 178 million euros in total, from Elbasan where the incinerator does not work, from Fieri where it has not yet been completed and it requires a few more million euros of investment, and in Tirana, where about 110 million euros have been paid, but the incinerator does not exist./ CNA

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