Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom

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Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom
Lorenc Vangjeli and Carlo Bollino

The journalist with a good profile, but not stupid, Lorenc Vangjeli, in one of his weakest and most embarrassing writings, although he never gets tired of writing, has become the lawyer of Carlo Bollino, the businessman who benefits from millions of euros , funds and public assets from the Albanian government of Edi Rama, which my friend Lorenc Vangjeli is very fond of.

For Lorenci, Saliu is to blame, of course, and Bollino is a publisher "who changed the names of the media he ran, but did not change his profession in these 3 decades. Accuser and accused" .

This is what the Albanianized Italian Bollino, Lorenc Vangjeli, tells us.

In fact, beyond a lie, Lenci knows very well that Bollino has changed professions and, in addition to being a journalist, has become a businessman, the beneficiary of public property, public funds from love, servility, or entering the power of Edi Rama as a colloquialist.

Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom
Carlo Bollino and Prime Minister Edi Rama

Lorenci is worried about Berisha's accusations against Carlo Bollino, which according to him are made so that the prime minister can hear them, in fact these accusations were not written and said today for the first time, there were dozens of such written and reported ones, but it has not been given a voice in the media.

Somewhere Endri Fuga called, somewhere else business friends of the Prime Minister, somewhere Carlo with tears in his eyes introduced negotiators to Lulzim Basha, and other stories like these that show us that beyond the attacks on the "Prime Minister's door" there are some truths kept silent.

"Bollino is not Rama's son-in-law to take advantage of him", says Vangjeli, not explaining for the umpteenth time why Bollino should take and build his television almost in the center of Tirana, in a property that is claimed to be donated for high school.

Better one more gymnasium or new offices for Bollino e Rama, the government's "collovar", who, as an Italian more than a taste of spaghetti, reminds Albanians of the vice of licking the power?

Bollino the journalist has systematically been a servant of the court where he entered as a colloquialist, then to benefit from public funds, tenders, subcontracting, properties, etc.

Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom
Carlo Bollino

"It is much better for Berisha, even though he is illegitimate as an opponent to him, to curse the publisher as a businessman or as an owner" , writes Vangjeli in one of his drafts, which apart from 3 sentences do not at all respect the journalist who applies to the media. but the people say "tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are".

Carlo Bollino is not telling Sali Berisha the truth, this is not a trial of Rilindja's "crooks" for these assets, properties and opposition denunciations, including those of a few years ago, that Basha and as always he left them in the middle. In case there are criminal acts, crime and corruption, it is the SPAK that is expected to say its word, and neither Lorenci, nor me, nor Sali Berisha, can save Carlo Bollino here.

As Lorenci calls the doctor "non grata", he is not committing any crime, he is breaking the silence of the mafia code that exists in the media because most media and televisions seek to cover each other's dirt, not denouncing each other's atrocities , or clientelistic services and corruptions for PPPs or government concessions where they got involved or were financed.

Lorenzo is at pains to tell us that Carlo has benefited from what dozens of other characters from the world of business and interest have received.

Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom
Lorenc Vangjeli

So, according to our Vangjeli, the Albanian state, the Albanian government, the Albanian citizens should have given something to Carlo as the leader of the Renaissance.

Fortunately, anyone who has illegitimately benefited from public property, in violation of the law, or for clientelistic interests cannot be a free media, but a perforated bagpipe serving the noise of government propaganda and in most cases using "a mafia code" of silence about their exploits and misdeeds, the media cover each other's scandals.

Therefore, Lorenc Vangjeli's writing was so weak because he is also unfortunately part of this code, which does not begin and end neither with Carlo as the son-in-law of Rama, nor with Carlo as the kolvar of the Renaissance, nor with Carlo as the employer of the fines of Renaissance that has used them as kamikaze and has already thrown them in the trash can.

Lorenc Vangjeli as the groom and Carlo Bollino as the groom
Carlo Bollino and Prime Minister Edi Rama

Lorenc Vangjeli can be a good writer of texts, speeches and have a biting irony even with a little erotic nature, which actually stands much higher than everything the Italian from Lecce has done in these 30 years who became a billionaire in Albania and that as a Kollovar of the Renaissance there are already more properties taken by the state for 1 euro than all the former owners who in fact never got their properties back.

If the Albanian governments had committed to the former owners as much as they have committed to Carlo of the Renaissance, Lorenci would also see something different in the development of Albania, where Mr. Vangjeli's employer is not a journalist, but a servant of the government's propaganda and for this it has been proved and proved that it has been rewarded by the power of Edi Rama, the socialists, the latter give the votes to increase the wealth of the Rilindesh kolvar./ CNA

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