The renaissance is commanded by subordinates who eat plums and pears behind their backs

2023-12-11 13:56:00, Editorial CNA
The renaissance is commanded by subordinates who eat plums and pears behind
Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj

Power today in Albania is held by the subordinates of those voted by the people. The Socialist Party, which claims to be Rilindja with a group of young individuals inside, has been voted by Albanians for three government mandates. The Rilindash government had its first revenge with affair scandals, which are becoming clearer day by day.

It's not like there isn't more going on. But now the time has come when all the PPP and the affairs denounced by the media are receiving punishment before justice, but the opposition is not excluded here either.

But what we are looking at is the fact that the Renaissance is stolen from us and governed not by those who are voted in and not by the leaders, but by their subordinates and therefore the Albanians have chosen wrongly. They should not have chosen Rama's ministers and the SP deputies, but they should have voted for the deputy ministers, the anonymous directors, who come around and are appointed by their bosses as keys to open the safes and steal the Albanians' money.

Case after case, recently there were arrests in the Municipality of Tirana.

The main director of Erion Veliajt, the mayor's right-hand man, Mr. Taulant Tushe, who was rumored for a long time in media circles, it was said that the Municipality of Tirana was inviolable because of Veliajt's alliance with Fatmir Xhafajn, the influence of this the end within justice, Lal's trips to the USA and so on.

In fact, the documents showed that there was neither Fatmir Xhafe, nor lobbying in the USA, nor God save Taulant Tushe, and so it may happen even higher, but let's wait.

They immediately reacted and said that what was Veliaj's fault, what was the municipality's fault, he was probably an official who had been corrupted, had broken the law and so on.

So, we got another larceny inside the Rilindja government, in the Municipality of Tirana, a director who stole and the mayor didn't know anything, neither did his staff. They didn't look, they didn't listen. Although today we are fixed almost three years since the parliamentary investigative commission for the incinerators where there was talk, shouting, denouncing and the Municipality of Tirana did not take any measures, but continued and paid another 30 million dollars received from the transfer fund that comes from the Albanian government.

The private businesses in the capital paid just as much for the incinerators and no one knew anything. It was this little director who ran the affairs.

When the media wrote, the opposition denounced, when reports were made, where were these bosses and those who ate pears? Well, they didn't look at them themselves, but they couldn't verify?

Our honorable prime minister could not do a verification from 2020, 2019 or in 2017 when CNA, TPZ and BIRN denounced the incinerators in Elbasan because Rama did not do a verification. After Elbasan he went to Fieri and after Fieri he told us that Tirana was a miracle where there is no incinerator, even though millions of euros were paid.

When Edi Rama's people have channeled the money of the incinerators to "Top Channel" with media partnerships, meetings and facts with evidence that go to Bulgaria come to Tirana and media purchases are paid.

Millions of euros are paid for advertising in the electoral campaign in 2021. And over time the commissions continued and paid even later. What Rama verified, his tiger eating pears behind his wings. Why didn't he? Why did he let her go?

Let's look at sterilization.

The documents were taken to SPAK, a reborn prosecutor came out, he tried to save Ilir Beqaj, the story according to a political militant who is not excluded and in the institutions of new justice, Ilir Beqaj did not stop the corruption that could exist between the deputy minister and the beneficiary.

So, Ilir Beqjë's deputy minister, Klodian Rrjepaj, was eating pears behind his back. Ilir Beqaj didn't know anything about what was going on in the ministry, he didn't watch, the subordinates ate the pears, in all the institutions where there were affairs, PPP and concession, the subordinates ate the pears. They are the culprits.

There were pears in the Ministry of Health, Klodian Rrjepaj ate them. There were pears in the prime minister's office, Arben Ahmetaj ate them, there were pears in the municipality, Taulant Tushe ate them.

The subordinates always eat the pears, but also the plums and any other fruit of power, our Renaissance leaders. The people actually voted for the prime minister, ministers and mayors to lead them, unfortunately itAlbania the subordinates of the ministers and mayors lead and eat the pears./ CNA


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