What comes out of pairing Enver's "volunteers" with 99-chat?

2024-01-24 11:33:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
What comes out of pairing Enver's "volunteers" with 99-chat?
Photo montage - Enver Hoxha, Fatmir Xhafaj, Ermonela Felaj, Toni Gogu, Klotilda Bushka, Plarent Ndreca

Last week CNA revealed the scheme of the majority to create an "Ad-Hoc" commission to control independent constitutional institutions, where it is understood that the foundation is in SPAK, which is continuing in-depth investigations into many scandals related to the government. its ministers and senior officials.

In fact, the scheme became clear. It was said by Lindita Nikolla , deepened by Bledi Çuçi , accepted by Eduart Shalsi , denied by Elisa Spiropali and so on.

Fatmir Xhafaj, the Enverist who "sabotaged" the Justice Reform

What comes out of pairing Enver's "volunteers" with 99-chat?
Fatmir Xhafaj and Enver Hoxha

At the head of the scheme is Fatmir Xhafaj, the man who claims to have done Reform in Justice, a messy amalgam, where rather than building an elusive and honest justice system, the reform served more as an instrument to control justice , to do double standard vetting and so on.

Now the internationals accept this in confidence, but no one comes out openly. They are convinced that after the Justice Reform there were backstabbing, there were changes, especially the interventions in the law that were made by the majority.

This resulted in the battle with the opposition, the majority of socialists took control of the Justice Reform and brought out this product that we have today, where in fact some individuals with integrity try to be professionals within the system, but in fact, more than a system new reformed justice, we have some individuals and not an elusive and equal justice for all.

The union of the penultimate enverist and the 99-chave

In order to control these professionals who were able to be outside of political intrigues or have strong international support, the majority has invented an "Ad-Hoc" commission headed by one of Enver Hoxha's "volunteers", Fatmir Xhafaj, or the penultimate Enverist , as it is called, which will be accompanied by a group of 99, Plarent Ndreca, Ermonela Felaj, Klotilda Bushka and Toni Gogu. They will control SPAK and independent institutions.

Now the question that arises is what can the pairing of Enver's "volunteers" with 99-chat produce?

The great belly of the Socialist Party has also held phenomena such as Rilindas, 99-ça, Enverists and many others, but a final product, a spawn of 99-ça with Enver's "volunteers" has not yet been seen.

What comes out of pairing Enver's "volunteers" with 99-chat?
The headquarters of the Socialist Party

The achievements of the Renaissance and the offspring of Enver's "volunteer" with 99 roofs

That we have a government and power with a thousand and one feats and tragedies, this is due to Rilindza, not to its accessories such as Enver's "volunteers" and 99-chat.

They are part of them, they have their contribution to the "spectacular" governance of Albania, but we have not yet seen what the puppy that will be produced by pairing the 99-chav with Enver's "volunteers".

There is a lot of curiosity to see, not only in relation to the Justice Reform that was made by an Enverist and then captured by the Renaissance, but with these "Ad-Hoc" commissions that want to take the rifle and shoot the internationals, the countries allies, which financed hundreds of thousands of euros for the Reform of Justice to catch Fatmir Xhafaj and now they will surprise the Rilindash 99./ CNA

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