Note for Elisa/ SPAK is not an incinerator and a water meter

2024-01-20 18:42:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
Note for Elisa/ SPAK is not an incinerator and a water meter
Elisa Spiropali, illustrative photo

Elisa Spiropali has made her reaction, after some news published 3-4 days in a row by CNA regarding a working group created within the Parliamentary Group of the SP led by Eduard Shalsi to pave the way for an "Ad Hoc" commission ” in the parliament, which will appeal to the independent institutions. ( Read here )

This, a form found by the majority to control the SPAK, one of the institutions that so far can be called the most successful of the Reform in Justice, as it has led behind the bars dozens of officials and close associates of the prime minister, but it has also led the former prime minister under house arrest, whether these are right or wrong politically. 

Elisa emphasizes in her position that SPAK is a product of the Justice Reform made by Edi Rama and the Socialist Party. KEEP THE ELISA.

In fact, the Law Reform is a product with many questions and problems, but SPAK has been the most effective and the results are mostly with Edi Rama's collaborators and ministers. Elissa's thesis is that Edi Rama built it to arrest his close associates and former ministers, or directors, or main contributors of the Socialist Party?! Only Elisa can say that. 

Note for Elisa/ SPAK is not an incinerator and a water meter

Maybe "Skenderbeu's mother" looks at politics differently, but before she advocates for Edi Rama and accuses that these are inventions of the opposition, she and her supporters, who are creating scenarios against SPAK, should distance themselves. 

The Eye of the Opposition has come to his side and says that CNA's news is Rama's invention. Now find out who and how it makes sense. Share Elisa with the Eye that Shals can not correct.

Note for Elisa/ SPAK is not an incinerator and a water meter

"The war against SPAK" is not only said by us as CNA, this is what the internationals say, two days ago the German embassy and the 27 ambassadors of the European Union, who called Altin Duman to a meeting, said this in their public statements. . 

And in case Elisa hasn't understood yet, let's read her attitude as a turn in the path of rebirth in power, as a turn by the majority to avoid the attack of the 99-chas and Enver's volunteers against SPAK. ( Read here ) Maybe "love" for Berisha and his media. 

Elisa must understand that SPAK is not like those incinerators that do not work, or that have not been completed in Fier, or the one in Tirana that does not exist or the one in Elbasan that requires millions of euros to be kept burning. Elisa should know this well. ( Read here )

It has nothing to do with the water meters brought by Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto to their companies in Fier, to Ujësjellësi, where Klodian Zoto was also a consultant. These are the differences that Elisa needs to understand. ( Read here ). 

Let's hope that her reaction is sincere. That he will take a step back and will not allow Elisa as the prime minister's "spokesperson" to happen, good or bad, for Rilindja to allow 99-chat and Enver's volunteers to attack SPAK. 

It turned out the opposite because Elisa was not ashamed.

Maybe the steering wheel can take another turn, but Elisa cannot deny either Lindita Nikolla's speech in Shëngjin, nor the status of Bledi Çuçi and his speech in the parliamentary group on Monday, Nor Shlasin yesterday and the confirmations that continue today, nor the attitude of the prime minister with the directors of the agencies, nor his statements at the government meeting on Wednesday where he pointed the finger at Engjëll Agac and asked him to prepare the manual for the institutions. ( Read here ). 

Manual that we do not know will be able to sign it, or will have the right time to sign it, the famous Agac of the incinerators.

Surprisingly Elis, Agaç, 99-chat, the people of the incinerators, unite every time a truth is told and how many times they are caught in their actions, as they initially tried to do with the closure of the Tirana incinerator file, with the prosecutor in SPAK , renaissance collaborator, or as we tried to close it with another prosecutor there in the case of Ilir Beqaj, or as they are trying to save Olta Xhaçka and so on. 

Note for Elisa/ SPAK is not an incinerator and a water meter

Therefore, Elisa of the incinerators, "Our Mother of Skënderbeu" should go and clarify once and for all the SPAK about her problems regarding the incinerators that these alleged protections do not do her harm.

To give a public clarification on how her family members are involved with the people of the incinerators, to ask the SPAK to fully investigate the issue of the incinerators and precisely also the people around Elisa, then talk to us and tell us where the truth is, how is she doing and what happened to her Rilindasi that is preparing 99-chat and Enver's volunteers against SPAK./ CNA


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