Rama and Berisha, together against SPAK

2024-01-19 15:00:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
Rama and Berisha, together against SPAK
Sali Berisha and Edi Rama

There is a clear tune, there is the same political melody for the war that former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the head of the government, Edi Rama, have chosen to wage against SPAK. 

The music is the same, but different rhythms are chosen.

The former prime minister in office has his music from "hard rock" to "metal", quite harsh, against SPAK, against his prosecutors, against some individuals who have strong ties to the power and the government. 

Rama and Berisha, together against SPAK
Sali Berisha

This is no longer in doubt, as some of the SPAK prosecutors have already been denounced dozens of times for their strong ties to the SP, for omissions and deliberate actions in relation to various investigative issues , which create a lot of doubts that they have served the government, without further talking about the fact that Berisha himself has an investigation in SPAK and is quite harsh towards the prosecutors of this institution. 

On the other hand, it is the melodious music of Prime Minister Rama, who, unlike Berisha who goes from "hard rock" to "metal", Edi Rama plays a mournful violin, or chooses a light symphony to make the waters flow or maybe he can compare with Vivaldi's "Seasons". 

It chooses to have spring when things are good, maybe the sun, when things are even better, when investigations begin, autumn comes, and then, when there are punishments, winter comes. And when Rama sees from afar that SPAK has problems, he starts playing his violin and using Vivaldi's "Seasons" in politics. 

This is the case that our prime minister is doing today, who using the parliamentary majority is creating an "Ad hoc" commission, which can be called Enver's volunteer commission.

Enver's volunteers and 99-chat against SPAK from the composition of this commission which includes Fatmir Xhafaj, Ermonela Felaj, Klotilda Bushka and Toni Gogu. 

A commission, which will call SPAK to the Appeal. And on the other hand, a few days ago, our prime minister, in a government meeting, pointed the finger at the Secretary General of the institution, Úngjëll Agac, one of the people under investigation by SPAK, to issue instructions to the ministries, General Secretaries , for agency directors, how SPAK should act when it goes to their offices. 

Both, Berisha and Rama, have their own music against SPAK, as we pointed out, Berisha stronger and "metal", Rama sweeter, more symphonic.

On the other hand, Luli was left without music, who is still sleeping, not that he has any problem to protect SPAK, because he also has several files, where his name is in the lines, but at least he is silent and enjoying like the "hard rock" or the "metal" of the doctor or Rama's violin and symphony / CNA

Rama and Berisha, together against SPAK
Lulzim Basha


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