Reform with Enveriists and justice with "volunteers" Enveri

2024-01-23 12:56:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
Reform with Enveriists and justice with "volunteers" Enveri
Photomontage - Fatmir Xhafaj, Enver Hoxha and Sokol Sadushi

CNA has reported on the recent moves of the majority to create an "Ad-Hoc" commission, using a former Enverist or Enveri "volunteer", such as Fatmir Xhafaj.

Schemes and scenarios to control the SPAK, with actions by creating commissions within the Parliamentary Group or then "Ad-Hoc" commissions in the parliament, after the parliamentary investigative commissions have been removed from the opposition, show the reminiscences of the writer.

These movements show that the Enverist mentality continues to remain and that is why a "worthy son" of that time was chosen to carry out the action, i.e. to carry out the act.

Fatmir Xhafaj, the Enverist who behaved as pro-American

Reform with Enveriists and justice with "volunteers" Enveri
Fatmir Xhafaj and Enver Hoxha

They chose exactly Fatmir Xhafajn, whom internationals, Americans and Europeans chose as the man who should be in charge of the justice reform, there is nothing wrong here.

Maybe they forgot who Fatmir Xhafaj was, or knowing that they had their man "they would use him for whatever they needed".

In fact, even the internationals are now convinced that the reform made by Xhafaj was maximally in the interests of the SP to strike within justice by creating vetting commissions caught politically, violating the rules and principles that the persons, the drafters, will not to enter the system, while they are already in the system and running the courts.

The double vetting standard

On the other hand, there is a double standard. Prosecutors, judges have fled for nothing and millionaires have been kept in office and passed the vetting.

There are people in charge of justice who did not do vetting, who left through the window and entered through the door and left with real expert vetting, who had not broken the law, but with abuse and rumors using the two levels of the commission of the investigation, which have been captured by the majority.

Bullying with the Justice Reform and the attack on SPAK

Reform with Enveriists and justice with "volunteers" Enveri

Now Fatmir Xhafaj, the penultimate Enverist, continues to be seen as hope, this time again against the Americans, as in the case of the Justice Reform.

For those who thought that Xhafaj was a pro-American with international support, with the Justice Reform, which became a mess, where most of the system was caught and there were quite a few problems that made the internationals react quietly, but not publicly, did a first act and will now do the second.

The second act is the attack on SPAK, its structures or segments, which are outside the control of the majority.

Sokol Sadushi, the result of Xhafaj's reform

Sokol Sadushi, the man who shines in the Supreme Court, ran after Xhafaj.

Among deputies, prefects, mayors, with a communist scarf around their neck, supposedly in the name of war, although that scarf has nothing to do with the anti-fascist war, they vulgarly demonstrated the symbols of communism.

Reform with Enveriists and justice with "volunteers" Enveri

Just like Xhafaj with the picture next to Enver, there is no difference Sadushi with his red scarf.

They both appear to be hateful in their concepts, clear, with an insulting, contemptuous message to 20,000 persecuted families, to 5,000 killed, to tens of thousands of others exiled and imprisoned.

The product of Enverist Fatmir Xhafaj, of all those we listed above, is Sokol Sadushi at the head of the Supreme Court or other scandalous people in public life who knowingly violate the dignity of Albanians, bringing the violent and criminal past of the dictatorship with them. their public actions are proudly and violently exposed, as in the case of Justice Reform or commissions and taking pictures with a scarf around their neck.

These are the supporters of the Justice Reform that resulted in Sokol Sadushi prepared by Fatmir Xhafaj./ CNA

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