"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

2024-01-22 15:45:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

He is not the first official of the Socialist Party to take the opportunity to declare his adoration for the red scarf of the communist triangle.

He is not the only one who has carried for 34 years, deep in his jacket pocket, the ugliest communist symbol. That symbol that was not accidentally invented to be tied around the neck of every Albanian who just turned 11 years old.

He is not a partisan scarf, and this clarification applies to those short-sighted people who hide their worship of communist symbols, after quasi-"respect" for the anti-fascist struggle.

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

Sokol Sadushi is not ignorant, that he does not know that the scarf that he chose today with his free will to tie his throat, is not the scarf of war.

He is the scarf of "building socialism". It is the scarf that fixed the symbolism of the dictatorship of the "proletariat" in the 3 corners and never thought about the proletariat.

Sokol Sadushi is not such an idiot that even if you didn't know these things when he was 11 years old and the Party tied his throat, he doesn't understand them at least today, 34 years later, from the day he was told that communism had fallen.

But that scarf demonstratively re-tied today in the mouth of Sokol Sadushi, speaks volumes. The mouth of Sokol Sadushi today does not have the same weight as the mouth of the other 3 heroes of reborn socialism who are pictured with the Party's Sokol.

Those newly consecrated scarves, after 34 years of democracy, are the message shared by each of those who are proud of them today.

Albanians are so wise that they make fun of the throat of a super-businessman deputy, where the color of the dictatorship of the proletariat that punished private property with prison is red.

Albanians know how to behave indifferently with a mayor who, after trying capitalism, remembers and becomes nostalgic for the red 3-corner that used to be around his neck when he was 11 years old, and "talked" from under his ears about the suffering of the working class in the world capitalist.

Albanians are not at all impressed by a prefect who looks as if, together with the decision to appoint him as such, they have squeezed his throat so hard that the eyes of the country come out, with the red scarf of Enver's pioneers. But Sokol Sadushi is more than the three grotesque characters that accompany him in the picture.

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed
Sokol Sadushi gives a speech to an empty hall

He is the face of the new justice for which Albanians have paid and are paying millions.

The shameless courage of Sokol Sadushi, at least proves that in this country communism is reborn violently and at least as shameless as the head resting on the neck where that scarf is tied.

The 4 officials that I joined the red scarf tied in knots around their necks would be enough of an alarm bell for the few sane people still left in this country.

But when one of those 4 is the president of the highest court of the problems of the Albanians, then this recitation of the communist symbol is an aggression against democracy.

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

That scarf proudly tied around Sadush's throat is a shame to the system.

That scarf is the rope where Sadushi climbed. It is the motive that made Sadushi the head of the new justice system.

That scarf is the criterion used by Sadushi and the gang that administers justice, for every promotion in the system.

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

In Germany, the party that worships Nazi-fascism is being declared illegal only because in their halls they promote nationalism that is inspired by some old Nazi-fascist theses.

And our Sadush is showing off in the photo with the red scarf of our communism, which is apparently becoming a trend among socio-revivalists. Don't be surprised if FRESSH makes the red 3-corner part of the uniform. SOKOL SADUSHI just proved to us that he has part of his uniform.

"Sokol Sadushi" should be outlawed

That scarf worn so proudly is proof of the arrogance with which Sadushi writes and announces decisions in the name of the dictatorship of the proletariat. That scarf divides what is due to someone and it is Sadushi who writes if he gives enough justice to anyone.

It is the Sadushi who, after tightly tying the scarf around his throat, boasts to the cafes that no one dares to change his decisions. That he has the red scarf with 3 corners. That scarf and loyalty to the 3-cepsh, is not only the criterion of Sadushi's success! That scarf is the scale of justice for anyone who knocks on Sadush's office!

The party that worships Nazi-fascism in Germany is being outlawed. In that world, everyone has come together to declare it outlawed. Outlawing the symbols of communism in this world is an urgent need. And it should start from the neck where one of the most cynical symbols was declared violent.

Sokol Sadushi should be taken out of the doors of the Supreme Court. After that, he can keep the 3-corner of the dictatorship asleep. And squeeze it tight!/ CNA


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