How the plans of the Albanian "Berlusconi" failed to bring Veliaj and Xhafa to power

2024-01-10 16:19:00, Satire Politike CNA
How the plans of the Albanian "Berlusconi" failed to bring Veliaj and
Irfan Hysenbelliu, Erion Veliaj and Fatmir Xhafaj

A few months ago, in the first weeks of autumn, the debt-ridden publisher Irfan Hysenbelliu, who considers himself the Albanian "Berlusconi", started spreading the next rumor on the tables of the capital.

A few more days before the "McGonigal" file in the USA would end and Rama would fall from power and Fatmir Xhafaj would come with Erion Veliaj and the whole Rilindja and SP would see what the Albanian "Berlusconi" would do with the two wolves of Rilindja .

How the plans of the Albanian "Berlusconi" failed to bring Veliaj and
Fatmir Xhafaj

In fact, one is an old wolf of the dictatorship. The "McGongal" case in the USA continues to develop and the biggest hope is in Erion Veliaj and Fatmir Xhafaj.

How the plans of the Albanian "Berlusconi" failed to bring Veliaj and
Erion Veliaj

For the Albanian "Berlusconi" these are the future, that they will save Albania and Xhafaj would become deputy prime minister and minister of justice to tie the reins to SPAK and Altin Duman so that there would be no mother-in-law to touch Lal for the incinerators Xhafaj as all-powerful with Anglo-American support would destroy all the enemies of corruption since his son-in-law with many licenses and benefits up and down after the temporary separation from the state administration.

"Berlusconi" Fane Kapteri would rush together with his two close friends, one in the municipality who would overcome this last wave of his battle against Edi Rama and pushed from behind by Fatmir Xhafaj, who is the real Party The socialist and the legendary supporter of the revolutionary past of this party together would emerge victorious by defeating Edi Rama, whom the Americans are fighting because he committed corruption with the FBI and Xhafaj secured the file from the embassy and this it spreads everywhere as a real triumph that Edi Rama will be punished by the Americans and then it's Lali Eri's turn.

At the end, everyone is happy. Irfani escapes from trials, taxes and taxes that he does not pay because an amnesty will immediately be proposed to benefit Fane Kapteri, the Albanian "Berlusconi". Xhafaj will be all-powerful as deputy prime minister and Erion Veliaj will shine as the future of the socialists.

In fact, this whole dream will fail, just like the first dream of Irfan that Lulzim Basha would become prime minister because he was beautiful like Enver Hoxha or the second dream that Ilir Meta would become the interim prime minister with the socialists also failed. in power in the second term.

How the plans of the Albanian "Berlusconi" failed to bring Veliaj and

Irfan's dreams continue. The Albanian "Berlusconi" already strongly supports Lali Er and Fatmir Xhafa as unstoppable legends of the motherland's bright future./ CNA


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