CNA "announces" Basha as the most "serious" man of 2023

2023-12-31 13:00:00, Satire Politike CNA

CNA "announces" Basha as the most "serious" man of 2023

CNA "announces" Lul Basha as the most "serious" man of 2023.

The serial loser, who for years led the DP to a precipice from which he cannot get out, is not satisfied with failures.

He stayed out of politics for almost a year, preparing behind-the-scenes scenarios, and then appeared after the May 14 elections, calling himself an option, an opportunity that could change Albania.

Just as CNA had warned him, before returning to hold meetings with a group of individuals, how to return again to submerge the party even further.

After getting his "little stones" out of the way, he held elections to elect himself head of the seal party.

On July 29, 2023, he barely got 20 votes in the cities. It couldn't be funnier than that. So, he was self-elected chairman with 20 votes.

But that was not enough. He also needed a National Assembly to appoint his stooges in the DP structures of the seal.

During this Assembly, the surprise was the "bones" who, for one post, crossed the rainbow and changed direction, going from Berisha to Basha.

Even after this failure, Basha continued his script copied and inspired by others.

Just like Berisha with the pulpits, Basha chose to be funny and copy the script by going out in every neighborhood and city with a handful of people to show that Albania needs change, to leave the past.

As if that wasn't enough, with his statuses he wanted to look a little like Rama.

CNA "announces" Basha as the most "serious" man of 2023

Later, it appeared in the Assembly on the day that Lindita Nikolla would announce that Luli Basha is the head of the DP and the head of the parliamentary group, creating another chaotic situation in the Assembly, where Gazment Bardhi would smash the luxury villas Lul in the face Basha, a truth, which made the head of the Democratic Party of Vula come out of himself, who said that he would report it to the Prosecutor's Office, but once again Luli lied.

There was no report of what he called slander on his part about Gazment Bardhin.

After the next "show" in the parliament ended, the court would slap Lul Basha, not recognizing the Assembly of September 2, in which Basha declared himself president.

This is the joker of 2023, who does not stop copying and fighting for his seat and the extension of Edi Rama's power./ CNA

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