The association "We love Evi Kokalari" reacts against Ylli Rakip

2023-10-17 17:09:00, Satire Politike CNA

The association "We love Evi Kokalari" reacts against Ylli Rakip

It may seem unbelievable, it may seem untrue, it may seem a fiction, but a group of individuals, fans of Evis Kokalari, born as such in Tirana and then turned into Evi Angelakis in the United States of America, they are expected to create a "fan club", an association, a group of activists in support of the libertarian conservative, spiritual leader, fantasist Evi Angelakis.

They have started their activity with a statement against Ylli Rakip's insults and insults towards Mrs. Angelakis.

For those who do not believe, the association, based on its charter, states that Rakip's attacks and accusations against Ms. Angelakis are unethical as a man goes before a man and no more.

This great traitor of the people's party and beyond, could not stand Evi Kokalari, upset him, insulted him, irritated him, told him to get away, pointed the finger at him and insulted him in the "live" studio, says the reaction

Evi, moderating an excellent show, had invited Ylli Rakip, who, on his part, with nerves, left the studio insulting the excellent Evi Angelakis with low words./ CNA

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