"Like the starry sky"/Albanian wonder, the summer "hit" of KLP

2023-05-26 14:50:00, Satire Politike CNA
"Like the starry sky"/Albanian wonder, the summer "hit" of
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The High Prosecution Council has taken the song. Yes, he really got the song.

After exhausting work and great exhaustion, KLP members have decided to relax.

 And what do you mean?

Dedicating songs to himself.

CNA has provided this song, the verses of which are woven with such "mastery".

Everyone is part of the song, from the head to the secretary, distinguished by the fatigue they have to go from chair to chair day after day.

Apparently, they decided to take care of themselves, leaving their stocks of documents and devoting themselves to the "talent" of weaving song verses, which will surely accompany the Albanians in the hottest days of summer.

And they really are "masters"... to make songs./ CNA.al

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