Father Karlo wants to change his name

2023-04-05 19:43:00, Satire Politike CNA
Father Karlo wants to change his name
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Father Karlo went to the Civil Registry this morning.

- I want to change my name, - he asked.

- The name is changed in court, - they explained.

He left and took his turn in court. When he approached the secretary, he told him that he would file a lawsuit to change his name.

- What is your name now?

- Papa Carlo!

- Yes, you have a beautiful name. Even in your neighborhood, the children are all called Karlo.

Father Karlo did not know how to continue.

- Have you committed any theft and are you ashamed that your name is being changed? - he asked.

- No no. I leave no trace when I steal, - he joked.

- What will you name it?

- Francesco.

At this time, it was written on the television with subtitles; "Francesco Bechetti wins the trial and receives 110 million euros from the government".

- Hahaha, that's why you want to be called Francesco to have the fate of this Bechetti, - the girl mocked.

Father Carlo did not speak. He took the letter she gave him and read; "The trial for changing the name from Carlo to Francesco takes place in 2056."

- Why so late?

- That the judges ate the vetting.

- By then I am dead./ CNA.al

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