By Agim Xhafka/ What happens when you eat dog food

2023-11-27 10:09:00, Satire Politike CNA

By Agim Xhafka/ What happens when you eat dog food

Journalist Agim Xhafka started the week by telling a very funny story with his wife and dog Charlie.

Read the hilarious story from journalist Xhafka below  

These days we also have a small puppy at home. We call him Charlie, I call him, you beauty. It is the girl's, in fact, but these holidays she left us in custody.

Me and my wife, that is. From the very first day, after I opened a can of meat, especially food for small dogs, I thought of trying a spoonful for taste. The woman rolled her eyes as soon as she saw me.

- You're in your right mind, mom! How can one eat this food? If you want to make the bed, forget about serving you, he threatened me.

Before finishing these words, handsome Charlie had eaten his ration. And he wagged his tail in satisfaction. I, happier than him, started to..bark lightly. How to keep my little friend company. The woman came running from the kitchen.

- You lie, don't you?! - he asked me.

- Hum, hum, - I replied.

Meanwhile, she quickly took the oyster to the cell.

- Charlie as a soul. He slept well and ate well. But Gimi has been barking at us since yesterday. From which he ate a spoonful of dog food.

While I was listening to him, I started to make my voice grow louder.

- I'm closing the cell o goce because it seems to me that he is trying again from that canned food. I can tell from the barking, his voice thickened. Korba, what did you find me!

I laughed and wanted to kiss her when she approached me, but she ran away. Don't think I would bite him./ CNA

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