Rama should sue Veliaj, not Gazment Bardhi

2024-04-03 17:17:00, Politikë CNA
Rama should sue Veliaj, not Gazment Bardhi
Edi Rama, Erion Veliaj and Gazment Bardhin

Yesterday and today the Prime Minister had reactions regarding the request to conduct an interpellation in the parliament with MP Gazment Bardhi.

Gazment Bardhi, last week accused the prime minister's brother, Mr. Olsi Rama, of having traveled with a car belonging to a drug trafficker included in the "Xibraka" file from 8 years ago.

In fact, immediately after that, Olsi Rama also reacted, who brought a report to SPAK and emphasized that either he himself should be in prison as a drug trafficker or he himself should be punished as a slanderer. In fact, this is the most worthless point of all this smoke raised in political and public debate.

First, because Edi Rama has no reason to accuse Gazment Bardhi or take the latter to court for defamation because the conductor of everything that happened and what was heard was known to have a name, his name is Erion Veliaj.

For those who justify it with the fact that Gazment Bardhi had notified him a week before he appeared at the conference and the arrests happened that very day to cover Olsi Rama's file, there are several answers.

Veliaj the conductor of the attacks on Olsi Rama

Gazment Bardhi has said in his public appearances that he made the announcement almost a week before.

In fact, the SPAK file for the arrest of the directors of Veliaj went to March 18, about 10 days before Gazment Bardhi made the denunciation.

So, Gazment Bardhi made his denunciation 3 days after the arrest warrants for the "5D" file were brought to court.

Then, after a week, on the day when the persons were arrested, security measures were taken, the decision was given by the court, the latter was clarified, the arrest warrants were cut and they were taken to be implemented on that very day in the morning Gazment Bardhi as soon as he learned, at noon he went out and made his denunciation.

Very reliable sources, but already confirmed in several media outlets, inform that Gazment Bardhi served the file after, not just meetings with a builder and media personality, but also including another person in the media, who is next to Erion Veliaj.

The facts are already proven

Our honorable prime minister is not so stupid as to believe that Gaz Bardhi did it by chance that day after announcing the conference for Olsi Rama, just as there is no politician, including Sali Berisha, who, without any doubt, must have been aware of scenario, not to know the fact that someone wanted a bigger noise than the arrest of the directors, that with the arrest of the directors of the Municipality of Tirana, the Municipality of Tirana fell.

For those who do not understand, the mayor is the head, the city manager is the head of the Procuring Entity.

The tenders that were signed there, the structure, the appointments of directors or dismissals, their movements were signed by Erion Veliaj, unlike what happens with the prime minister.

Therefore, Edi Rama cannot play the role of a fool by supporting his brother with a complaint against Gazment Bardhi.

He should call and tell the truth to Erion Veliaja and instead of punishing a trial for ridiculous defamation with Gazment Bardhi, to whom the latter honors within the structures of the DP, as it raises him up politically , maybe Rama needs one like that, but on the other hand, it makes the prime minister a bit ignorant in politics, and instead of Gazment Bardhi, he should call and give a proper slap to Erion Veliaj, the man who is the scriptwriter of everything in a a situation where a criminal group within the Municipality of Tirana has been arrested and caught stealing tenders and public funds.

Therefore, Gazi did not steal these and Gazment Bardhi did not file the denunciation. The funds were stolen from the subordinates of Erion Veliaj. Gazment Bardhi simply and only wanted to drown out the noise./ CNA




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