Tabaku and Lul Basha, the two loves of Erion Veliaj

2024-04-03 16:54:00, Politikë CNA
Tabaku and Lul Basha, the two loves of Erion Veliaj
Jorida Tabaku and Lulzim Basha

A big noise, a scandal, an affair, arrests, handcuffs, reactions, but Erion Veliaj finally had two political "lovers".

Erion Veliaj is not mentioned on any day, in any line, for almost a week when the scandal happened, by Jorida Tabaku and Lulzim Basha. Luli, who talks about the towers that Lali gives to Sali, in fact, it seems, are the towers that Lali gives to Luli because Luli is being wise. He is not talking about the directors, nor about the protest that takes place on Friday, nor about fighting. He has remained silent in support of Lal Eri.

Tabaku and Lul Basha, the two loves of Erion Veliaj
Lulzim Basha and Jorida Tabaku

On the other hand, Jorida Tabaku, as always speaks with her silence, thinks that holding such a role will have a future in DP, but she is already an almost politically discredited character. She who claims to be a citizen of Tirana, a daughter of Tirana, an adult and heir to a large family, does not say a word about the thefts in the Municipality of Tirana.

Where he often wanted to run, but never went, he knew he would lose, because he knows how much his skin is worth. Jorida Tabaku is the second character who does not speak.

There are many other names on the list of people who support Lulzim Basha, but these two are the most significant, because the others can be justified by the fact that they are MPs from different districts, they have nothing to do with Tirana, although they should have been at the forefront of law and corruption. 

But neither Jorida, nor Lulzim Basha, nor the latter's "servile remnants" say a word, they don't have an answer, they don't have an accusation about Erion Veliaj, the mayor, who was caught together with his thieving directors in flagrante delicto and SPAK has arrested his closest collaborators.

The "servile remnants" of the latter do not say a word to close the scandals that are expected to erupt again regarding the associates of Erion Veliajt in the Municipality of Tirana, their thefts, corruption and scandals./CNA 




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