A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino

2024-01-12 16:12:00, Satire Politike CNA
A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino
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Dear Mr. Bollino,

We see that your dreams and nightmares, your problems after the denunciations made by the opposition or past reports that were taken to SPAK, make you have harsh reactions.

Direct, indirect, anonymous or not reactions with the fines that your media houses and denies to them, with nonsense that no longer impresses anyone and you know this well.

With attacks and accusations that don't scare anyone, they simply and only give us courage and given that you have another Carlo or several other Carlo in your mind, unlike the report made to SPAK with 10 accusations, we had a friendly request for you.

A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino
Carlo Bollino

Like what you say to the media up and down, we are the media, we shouldn't attack each other, we shouldn't give them political space to please them.

Aman, please, we have a request, if you fulfilled this, we will not write about you again. We are willing to report what you say, even if it is untrue.

A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino

Although until now you have not produced any facts and any evidence to show the opposite of those evidences, which have been taken to SPAK, which you now have to explain to the prosecutors.

Please kindly. Can you stop insulting us from Muli?! Because you insulted Flag Noka, we can't stand it. That's all we have.

A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino

You shared with us, what you didn't tell us, you did well. We have no problem with you and the fines that you shelter and whoever else. Stronger and stronger, gun cannon be done. But, please, from Flamur Noka, don't insult us. Don't insult Mulin because you know that we love Mulin very much. Maybe a little more than you, because we are sensitive in this case.

A friendly request to Mr. Carlo Bollino

Therefore, dear Carlo, please stop attacking Mul. For our hatr. This could be a new path of negotiations between us, like the ones you asked a few weeks ago with a businessman. But we will say this in the following days with facts and evidence. P or, please, Mulin aman, Mulin don't, because we don't keep Carlo there. / CNA


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