DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and Tirana

2023-08-26 16:29:00, Denoncim CNA
DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and
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Rama talks about incinerators

In a media appearance yesterday in front of journalists, Prime Minister Edi Rama agreed to talk about the incinerators.

Treating them as public investments, the Prime Minister said that, in Fier, the plant is ready but has been left behind due to a payment, while for Tirana, Rama said that it cannot be done without money.

There are two ways, either citizens' taxes will increase or the government will pay them. This was what Rama said that he can ( read here ). 

" Plants are built with money and run with money and there are two ways to make plants work. One is to pay the citizens by raising their taxes and the other is for the state to support the citizens so they don't pay what it costs.

How to explain this. The investments were made there. For those things that happened to you, there was a lack and a need. The Elbasan plant is functional and occasionally requires maintenance, it is the property of the Municipality of Elbasan.

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and
Edi Rama, Prime Minister

Fieri needs a final payment because it was interrupted by the seizure, the municipality of Fieri will take it and pay the last part and put it into operation. As the plan is to do.

Albania has been suffocated by garbage. Tirana's incinerator was put under state administration, how do you think that work will be done without money? We have said these things a thousand times. The work to clean Albania will continue and let all those who do not understand jump up.

The work to clean Albania is expensive and this work will continue. These initiatives have played a decisive role in the fact that Tirana, Elbasan and Fieri are different today. The baby should not be thrown out with the dirty water. The dirty water is thrown away and the baby continues to grow ," said Rama.

Opposition experts reveal the documents, arrest the prime minister

The opposition experts led by Belind Këlliç have been able to secure some payments which show the opposite of what the prime minister says.

The Prime Minister has said that the payments have remained due to the sequestration by SPAK. In fact, there are payments made after the seizure made by SPAK. Also, Klodian Zoto's concessionaire company has deceived the government.

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and

The payments have been made up to three months, after the seizure of the Fier incinerator was made following the decision of the court and SPAK dated March 28, 2022. ( Read here the announcement of SPAK

Below you will find other sources provided by opposition experts who inform CNA that the materials are even more complete.

It is a document written by the company Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier, which is addressed to the Municipality of Fier in June 2021 and the line ministry.

9 months before it was seized by SPAK, the company claims to have completed the investment and the incinerator had to be taken over.

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and

We remind you that several deputies of the investigative commission and SP officials went to the incinerator and said that it was working, when in fact a transporter was on. Lies have no excuse.

The second document after the first is in March 2021 where the concessionaire company asks the line ministry and the municipality to take over the Fier incinerator and claims that the investment has been completed.

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and

In fact, today it turns out that the investment was not completed and the ministry did not take over the facility and the Fier incinerator does not work, it does not exist in Tirana even though the company received 110 million euros in 6 years.

From March 2021 and until March 2022, when SPAK was seized for the FIer incinerator, and a few months later until the payments of the relevant invoices were made, the concessionaire company did not complete the investment, that is, it did not full.

The group of experts has found that about 10% of the investment in the Fier incinerator is missing, which is an amount of 3.5-4 million euros, which is missing from the investment that had to be made.

The opposition experts under the leadership of Belind Këlliç have also provided data regarding the conflicts created with international certified companies for the construction of the incinerator, who are the ones who put the stamp on it, but Klodian Zoto through schemes together with Mirel Mërtir have except for one foreign company, they took one of its managers to hire him.

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and

Then he opened a private company in Italy, he was sued there and in Albania, the European Company, which was implementing the project, wrote a letter to the administrator Farudin Arapi asking him to be careful with his investment and closure in the Fier incinerator, as the certification is given only by this company, as the construction part of the Fier incinerator is its intellectual property.

In the case of the Fier incinerator, the prime minister is almost caught dead. Either he lies, or he is lied to, but both do not suit the Renaissance leader.

He said that the investment was left for an unfinished payment that will be made by the municipality of Fier. In fact, the concessionaire company has deceived the Albanian government and the state after saying that the investment and works have been completed and the payments have continued even after the seizure.

Abuse and incinerator scriptwriters

DP experts catch the prime minister/Lying about the incinerator of Fier and

Prime Minister Rama, rather than justifying an unpaid payment to the concessionaire company, should apologize to the Albanians who took it for granted and with an abuse scheme the state had paid almost 120 million euros for incinerators that do not work and do not exist .

Rama could accept the corruption of Rilindja and the fact that Klodian Zoto, former official of the SP, Mirel Mërtiri, the mastermind of Rilindja over trash, scriptwriters of incinerators, other people involved in politics, where the prime minister himself has pointed the finger at the pears of Arben Ahmetaj , to the mayors he has protected, to the figs of Lali Eri or the fruits and vegetables that will appear on the road, together with his closest collaborators, such as Agaçi & co., the prime minister must tell the Albanians how the truth happened. And in case he doesn't know, in the worst case, or knows everything, the less he talks, the better.

At the Fieri Incinerator, the investment has not been left unfinished due to an unpaid invoice. There were other problems related to the transfer of money in cooperation with subcontractors in the letters sent to the state, where it clearly seems that there was a fraud, there were manipulations to receive funds, corruption, abuse, theft, without going further to the fact that in the incinerator of Fier, the violence is greater than that of Elbasan.

The data is with documents. Above is the Treasury showing the payments even after the sequestration of the Fier incinerator company by SPAK, although a year ago he had announced the completion of the work and the completion of the investment according to the plan.

On the other hand, there is a letter directed to the Municipality of Fier and the line to take over the object.

Finally, we can emphasize the fact that the experts were able to find very important details about the Fier incinerator, which will continue to be published in the coming days./ CNA


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