"Variations" with the schedules of the Zoo line/ Travelers refuse to pay for delays

2023-07-18 21:04:00, Denoncim CNA

"Variations" with the schedules of the Zoo line/ Travelers refuse to

In addition to offering miserable travel conditions due to the scandalous technical condition of the buses, which lack air conditioning systems, especially in recent days the bus dispatcher of the urban line "Train Station - Zoological Park" has "lost" the schedule. of their arrival at the respective stations.

On Tuesday, the waiting distance of travelers reached the unimaginable quota of 50-60 minutes or more, provoking the latter's protest. Indignant at the laborious delays, distressed by the unbearable heat and streams of sweat, the travelers vented their anger on the cashiers and drivers, who justified them but also clarified that they were not to blame.

Meanwhile, the revolt reached its peak when a woman's call not to pay the ticket price was joined by others, who recommended fatorino to call the bosses and convey their decision. In fact, dissatisfaction with the urban service of this line has been permanent for a long time. It has been present and systematically provoked, by the fact that together with the buses of several other urban lines that cover the suburbs of the capital, this "Train Station - Zoological Park" is also covered by buses that, due to the amortized condition and age, provide, among others, frost in winter and scorching in summer.

Which are flotillas of "moving carts", which transport animals and not urban buses for people, according to the standard defined by article 9, chapter II of law no. 8308, dated 18.3.1998 "passenger transport" (fz no. 8, year 1998), and instruction no. 1649, dated 16/08/1999 "On the fulfillment of some special conditions in the road transport of passengers", it shows not only the lack of air conditioners, but also many other technical conditions . These shortcomings constitute sufficient argument for the evidence of flagrant violation of the law and the taking of strict administrative measures up to and including the blocking of the licensed device by the Municipality of the capital.

Which so far has not happened. Despite these shortcomings, despite the flagrant violation of the conditions set by the law for the licensed equipment of the urban buses of the "Train Station - Zoological Park" line, as well as the counterparts of other lines: "Jordan Misja - Student City", the "Institute" line ", that "Laprakë-Centre", the "Kashari" line, "Uzina Dinamo e Re-Sharre", "Selitë-Kristal-Centre-Train Station-Allias" etc., continue to exercise their activity normally.Unperturbed by the dozens of responsible supervisory inspectorates, who, despite the constant complaints of the citizens, sit and watch as the traveling citizens were cracked by the opening of the timetables and the sweat was dripping from the scorching heat, while the Municipality regularly poured the subsidy every month covered by the contributions of ticket payers to urban companies./ CNA.al

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