Veliaj, the leader of the thieving directors

2024-04-01 10:49:00, Opinione CNA
Veliaj, the leader of the thieving directors
Erion Veliaj

In a 122-page decision, GJKKO showed us how SPAK had been able to provide indisputable facts and evidence regarding the directors of the Municipality of Tirana. 

Messages, communications, hidden behind the subject "5D", but not only, because this subject is not the only one and these directors are not the only ones, there are others involved, who enter the Bid Evaluation Committee, receive tenders, distribute, subcontract, receive funds, build guesthouses, palaces, villas, distribute investments and so on.

But where is the difference between Edi Rama's ministers who have fallen one by one and the directors of the municipality. In the event that Rama would have lost all the ministers at once as happened to Veliaj, of course, the government would have fallen and on the Thursday of the decisions, on March 28, the Municipality of Tirana has fallen, because the entire chain of command is behind bars. exclude Erion Veliaj, although he tried to sell them as ex-directors. 

In fact, the ministry is a constitutional institution, there are several directorates, there are many firms, there is a vertical responsibility, and so on. While in the municipality, the directors are simply and only subordinates appointed by the mayor, where the mayor gives the order, the command and the signature are done by him and all his associates, it seems clear that they are a criminal group that collaborated to steal funds, to receive tenders, to change tenders, fictitiously in bid evaluation commissions and to benefit from various funds also from EU IPARD. 

There is an essential difference between the minister, the governments and the municipality, because if the government has the prime minister and there is a collegial decision, the mayor has the Municipal Council and the decisions given and taken for the directors are not of the Municipal Council, but of the mayor. the municipality. 

The appointments of the directors are made by the mayor and the directors are not a constitutional institution, but are individuals who cooperate with the mayor for the implementation of projects and the development and implementation of tasks.  

Veliaj, the leader of the thieving directors
Erion Veliaj

Their duties are ordered by the mayor. They are appointed and circulated by the mayor, as happened with Erion Veliaj in the Municipality of Tirana, who took them from one institution to another under his authority, using his subordinates as kamikaze in the electoral campaign, but also in the Municipality of Tirana. where they are caught alive, abusing, stealing and breaking the law. What SPAK has found is very little. 

The part that citizens know through the decision of GJKKO, as there are many other facts and evidence still under investigation.

The truth is that the minister is not much different from the mayor, because the responsibility of the mayor is directly with the directors and subordinates he has appointed, whom Veliaj did not have simply heads of subordinate institutions, but the most trusted people, the people he circulated in several directorates, the people with whom he shared work, power, money and electoral campaigns.  The arrested directors are the most important people of Erion Veliaj.

The Municipality of Tirana has fallen to Erion Veliaj. It has been proven to Erion Veliaj that there was a minimally structured group of thieves, corrupt people who built schemes to get funds, to get work worth tens of millions of euros, without talking about what they subcontracted, but what the directors got directly arrested and others under investigation.

With the arrival of Veliajt in the Municipality of Tirana, they, through their relatives, have built profit schemes with millions of euros, not only the directors under accusation, but also others, who have become hotel owners, hotel builders, guesthouse owners, villa builders and so on, turning from Tirana Municipality officials to businessmen, to investors, to strategists, simply and only because they were Erion Veliaj's collaborators.

The acting mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has lost the municipality. It is the same as if Edi Rama's government fell, 9 ministers were arrested, what would happen.

Veliaj, the leader of the thieving directors
Debarah Keçi, Mariglen Qato, Fatos Tushe and Redi Molla

But Erion Veliaj has chosen to convey a message with his gall, which was probably the only opportunity to be victimized after losing the thesis that the officials of the Municipality of Tirana were simply former directors dismissed from work, when in fact they all are functional, arrested, detained on duty.

A bunch of thieves on the side of the mayor, all the directors of Erion Veliaj have fallen, the only one standing is the mayor, the latter also under investigation.

Veliaj hopes that everything will pass him by drowning his subordinates, because he thinks that none of them will cooperate with justice, but will spend tens of years in prison, his property will be confiscated, he will abandon his wife, family, children and everything about Erion Veliaj, the man who is actually the leader of the thieving directors caught by SPAK./CNA 


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