Lulzim Basha is declared wanted/ Where did the leader of the New Republic get lost?

26 Korrik 2021, 12:26, English CNA
Lulzim Basha is declared wanted/ Where did the leader of the New Republic get

After losing the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, instead of accepting the defeat and conducting an analysis of the elections, declared ?victory?, said that the battle had just begun, and that April 25 was an ?electoral massacre?.

Moreover, Lulzim Basha has said that he has waged one of the fiercest battles of pluralism. He even compared April 25 with the political battle of the 1990s, which brought the overthrow of the communist regime in Albania.

In fact Basha didn?t overthrow anything. He caused another failure to the party he has been running for 8 years. But it seems that for Luli Basha, the battle is important, but not the victory. By not accepting defeat, as a true leader would do, Lulzim Basha began to imagine battle.

But, the battle that he would wage for the overthrow of the Rama-Doshi regime, as he says, turned it into a ?battle? for holding the chair of the chairman of the Democratic Party in the June 13 elections, which he ?sealed? with the statutory amendments that were approved in the National Assembly on 17 July.

The only ?battles? he did were these two, and certainly not against Edi Rama, but against the Democrats. But after reaping ?success? in the battle to secure his post as chairman of the DP, Basha has taken a summer vacation.

For days, the chairman of the largest opposition party in the country hasn?t appeared anywhere. While Basha is on vacation, he uses his ?servile? to ?attack? Gazmend Bardhi. In this way, Luli Basha sleeps peacefully.

He has not made any reactions or any media outlets. Nothing. Just a post by staff on his social networks, about the serious road accident that happened on Sunday in Croatia. So Basha continues to sleep happily as if he has won the election.

Or maybe he is preparing for the battle he has promised to wage. But this issue must be clarified by the President of the New Republic himself. In this way, it appears in the media, and Albanians see it, remove the yearning for the days that have been missing on the screen./CNA.al


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