Incinerators, after Top Channel, the scandal is also protected by Irfan Hysenbelliu’s media

7 Korrik 2021, 16:50, English CNA

The issue of incinerators in Elbasan, Fier or even the Sharra Landfill, recently accompanied by the waste scandal in Durrës, where some actions are supported by the media for tenders up to 15 million euros, or even millions that go to the Sharra Landfill, is probably one of the most scandalous affairs in Albania.

And the ?advocacy? media of this concession, which can be called the corrupt affair of the century, has been the national television Top Channel. CNA.al has confirmed with official and exclusive documents the partnership of the director of Top Channel Ben Blushi and the shareholder of this television, Vjollca Hoxha, with the owners of the incinerator concession in Albania.

CNA.al has shown with official documents how the owners of the incinerators, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto, were partners with Ben Blushi?s wife, in a company built in Bulgaria. The company was called EM Capital Group AD, and had three shareholders Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi?s wife.

Also, through official documents, CNA.al showed the connection with the media. The same company, EM Capital Group AD, came to Albania and bought a 51 percent of shares in Valtelina Kafe, which bears the brand name Lori Kafe, and which ?coincidentally? has the same owners as Top Channel.

Further, CNA.al discovered another company, where Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha, openly partnered with the owners of the incinerators. The company is called KUDO PAY, and the shareholders are Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi, and Stela Gugallja, the cohabitant and mother of Mirel Mërtiri?s children.

So the scheme is quite clear. The government gives money to the owners of the incinerators and the latter pay the media. But on the other hand it seems that Top Channel, is not the only media that defends such corrupt concessions.

Irfan Hysenbelliu has also appeared on the scene, whose media have started a battle, ostensibly morally and as an expression of civic concern regarding urban waste in Kavaja. News24 has existed as a medium for years. The problem of waste has also existed for years, and it is surprising why this TV was remembered ?accidentally? only now to deal with this problem.

And just like Top Channel, this television has started to show where there may be new incinerators or landfills. As it happened with Durrës, maybe now it can happen with Kavaja as well. ?Top Story? show in Top Channel was used for the Durrës issue, with dozens of chronicles about Porto Romano, where according to the calculations half of the given amount is net profit.

For Durrës, it was found as a solution for the waste to be taken to the Sharra Landfill, because there is no incinerator, although in the letter it claims that there is one. The same scheme seems to be used for Kavaja. But this time the public ?lawyer? is not Top Channel, but News 24.

So at first Irfan Hysenbelliu?s media raises a public concern over urban waste in Kavaja, and then the solution seems clear. A tender is held, the government provides some funding for the management of this waste. And already half, not to mention 70 percent of Albania?s waste, are managed by Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugallja, and her cohabitant Mirel Mërtiri, already in partnership with private media./CNA.al

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