Lulzim Basha and Grida Duma in defense of gangs?/ Why the prosecution remain silent?

25 Qershor 2021, 15:04, English CNA

After the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, Grida Duma, the elected MP of the Democratic Party, made a very strong statement in a television studio. Duma said that during the election campaign, some gangs offered themselves to support the Democrats, and for this issue she had also informed the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, but the latter refused to cooperate with them.

?During the campaign, I was contacted by some criminal groups, who offered to rise us to power through their own ways, going to remote areas and threatening the residents. I was told: We will finance you, but we want municipal posts during the local elections. I went to the office and had a 3-minute conversation with Lulzim Basha.

I said these people have offered me this, what attitude will you take? And I really appreciate the gesture of that man, who said no?- said Grida Duma. Even Lulzim Basha during the meetings within the electoral campaign, has admitted the implication of organized crime in the elections.

But the elections ended, and Basha solved again his ?big problem?, which was holding the post of DP chairman. Now there is only silence. Neither Grida Duma nor Lulzim Basha ever denounced who were these criminal groups. They didn?t mention names, nor were they reported to the judiciary.

Both claim to have names, surnames, but while talking about an election massacre, the offer of the gangs was forgotten. It went from ?gangs? to ?election massacres?, and the overthrow of the ?Rama-Doshi? regime. And after ?overthrowing? the regime, they took a few days off due to extreme fatigue.

Since June 14, a day after the elections in the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party has ?disappeared? from the public scene. Grida Duma has also remained silent on the so-called gangs, which she claims have offered her self-cooperation during the elections.

If they don?t want to defend the gangs they are talking about, Basha and Duma should denounce them by name. But on the other hand there is another detail. There is also silence from justice institutions. The prosecution is also silent and doesn?t summon them for questioning, even though they have spoken publicly.

But both Basha, the Duma and the prosecution are silent on this issue. If Basha and Duma have evidence and names for the so-called gangs, it is good to make them public, so that the citizens believe that he is serious about the battle with the regime, and that he will not turn again into a crutch of Edi Rama, for continue to be a ?firefighter? of popular hatred against the Prime Minister./CNA.al

Lulzim Basha dhe Grida Duma në mbrojtje të bandave?/ Pse hesht prokuroria

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