The analysis-Objectives and failure of Lulzim Basha/Elections, lecture for democrats

21 Qershor 2021, 12:35, English CNA
The analysis-Objectives and failure of Lulzim Basha/Elections, lecture for

The day before, CNA.al published exclusive news about the election results. They had to do with the final result that Lulzim Basha had requested from his structures in the April 25 parliamentary elections. An objective that seemed mostly achievable, but that was not achieved in 16 of the 20 political leaders of Lulzim Basha.

The data show that the leader of the Democratic Party and his electoral and organizational headquarters have requested not a little, but about 707.000 votes at the national level. But even that is not a big increase. Why? Because on the day the Democratic Party handed over power after the 2013 elections, it received 690.000 votes, in alliance with the PJIU, Dashamir Shehi?s MND and several other parties.

But this time there were 2 additional political forces, Agron Duka?s Agrarian Environmentalist Party, and Vangjel Dules?s Union for Human Rights Party, which have a certain electoral weight. So even in these conditions Basha and his people, have asked only 17.000 more votes than in 2013.

But even this goal was not achieved. They got about 630.000 votes, making it impossible for the opposition to seize power. With the calculations made by the staff, Basha thought of winning 70 or 71 seats without the SMI. From the latter he expected to win 8-10 mandates, with which he will form a majority which could govern the country with 78-80 mandates.

But that didn?t happen. According to the table below, it is clear that the electoral objective of Basha?s governing structures has not been achieved. And now is being made a fatal mistake. The truth is not accepted, the failure of the objectives is not accepted, the result is not accepted.

But DP it is moving in a dead end, simply and only emphasizing that it was an ?electoral massacre?, and not a loss.

In fact, even Sali Berisha suffered some losses while leading the Democratic Party. For example, in 2001, there was for the first time a real electoral massacre, after that of 1996. Police, violence, ballot box stuffing, etc. were used.

But Berisha managed to have facts, evidence, footage, official documents, such as the report of the polling stations, which clearly showed that the elections had been manipulated.

Today in 2021, where technology is not 20 times, but probably 20 thousand times more developed than 2 decades ago, the Democratic Party has failed to present any evidence of manipulation. Although he received every footage from every polling station, every footage from every vote counting group. Hundreds of ballot boxes were opened where the result was disputed, such as in Berat, Durrës, etc., and no manipulated or alienated vote came out.

In the end, what should be emphasized is that the objective of the DP political leaders has not been achieved. Those who have no eyes to see and no ears to hear or mouth to speak, will remain ?dumb? or ?deaf-dumb? of politics, worthless for anyone.

They will be mere servile and screenwriters of a yard. But, the truth is that the electorate body selected by Basha, the political leaders and his confidants failed. The failure is a case for a deep reform in the DP, which Lulzim Basha already seems unable to do, as it seems that he has been held hostage to his chair and cannot further increase the political results of the Democratic Party, with a structure that already failed several times and powerless, to achieve the required electoral objectives, which lead to the overthrow of power./CNA.al

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