Suspicious transaction of Agron Shehaj/ The scandal of the candidate for chairman of Democratic Party

28 Maj 2021, 16:16, English CNA

The candidate for chairman of the Democratic Party, Agron Shehaj, is suspected of having created a money laundering scheme through fictitious companies. The suspicions arose from an official decision of the Competition Authority, the institution which said ?stop? a suspicious transaction, which Shehaj tried to carry out.

Through the request no.330, dated 23.05.2018, the former deputy Shehaj, has requested from the Competition Authority, to sell 85 percent of the call-center business quotas with the trade name ?Sestante Holding SRL? and the public name “CC Tirana?, to the company that according to him was italian under the name ?Comdata SPA?.

It is suspected that behind this company was hiding the former deputy Shehaj. But in the request sent to the Competition Authority, it was stated that ?Comdata SPA?, is a company established and exists based on Italian laws, with registration number and VAT no. 07790430966, with official address Via Sebastiano Caboto 1 Corsico, Milan, Italy, represented by Antonio Salvo.

But after getting acquainted with Mr.Shehaj?s request, the Competition Authority raised doubts about this transaction and rejected the businessman?s claim. In the meeting of 20.09.2018, where the Competition Commission was represented by Juliana Latifi, chairwomen, Eduart Ypi, vice-chairman, Leida Matja, Adriana Berberi and Helidon Bushati members, by decision no. 543, dated 20.09.2018, decided not to approve this transaction, calling it illegal.

CNA.al has received on this issue official information from the Competition Authority, including the decision to stop Shehaj?s transaction. The decision states that ?from the data submitted to the Competition Authority, results that the turnover of the activity of the company ?CC Tirana? for 2018 is 0 Lek?.

In order for the transaction to take place, the Authority states that pursuant to Articles 10, point 1, letter b, Article 12, point 1, letter a and Article 15, point 2, the turnover of participating enterprises must be 7 billion Lek in the international market, while the turnover of the company participating in the domestic market should be 200 million Lek.

So, the company ?CC Tirana SHPK? had 0 Lek and was 100 percent part of the company ?Sestante Holding Srl? owned by the MP, established on 05.04.2018, so 5 months before the request for the transaction.

In the coming days, we will shed more light on the agreement for the sale of quotas, on how the former MP Agron Shehaj justified this transaction, and what is hidden behind the company ?Comdita SPA?, which at the time it was presented as a buyer didn?t operate in Albania, and there was no data on the value of the turnover./CNA.al

Transaksioni i zi i Agron Shehajt/ Skandali i kandidatit për kryetar të PD


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