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Meta can be prosecuted by SPAK/ He risks 10-15 years in prison after the call for violence

6 Maj 2021, 12:37, English CNA
Meta can be prosecuted by SPAK/ He risks 10-15 years in prison after the call

President Ilir Meta reacted for the first time yesterday regarding the request of the Socialist Party for his dismissal. In the 13-page documentation, sent to the Parliamentary Committee on Laws, Meta didn?t say anything new, except those he stated in press conferences, during, before and after the election campaign.

?For more than 2 years, the entire parliamentary activity of the Parliament, has tried to hit the activity and constitutional activity of the President of the Republic, which for a long time has been and remains the only legitimate constitutional institution and not captured by the party in power.
In these desperate efforts of this illegitimate Parliament, the latter has continued to be involved in fictitious processes, unsupported by the Constitution and laws, but only blindly moves politically oriented?- said in the documentation sent to the Law Commission.

According to Meta, this initiative of the one-party parliament is an abuse of legislative activity, and aims to divert attention from the demands of the President of the Republic, the opposition, and international organizations to uncover criminal acts committed by the state party to manipulate the electoral process held on April 25th.

But in the evidence gathered by the majority, it is possible that the president will end up in criminal prosecution. The majority has gathered 115 evidence, which will be used to ask the Parliament for Ilir Meta?s dismissal. There are 63 statements made by the President on media and social networks, as well as 52 news items published by the media, which refer to Meta?s harsh rhetoric.

Are well known the statements about amputations, statements that threatened police officers, judges and prosecutors, statements where the president incites violence, calls for war, statements calling on citizens to grab scythes and forks and many others. The President of the Republic may be dismissed for a serious violation of the Constitution and for committing a serious crime, according to the procedure provided in Article 90, point 2 and the notion of ?serious crime?, includes in the first place the crime of treason against homeland.

The majority says that Meta has continuously violated the Constitution. The head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla, is convinced that the evidences are so stubborn and proves that Meta has violated the Constitution, so he should be fired.

If Meta is fired, SPAK will deal with him. Currently, Ilir Meta has immunity as President of the Republic. But if he is fired from his duty he is ?stripped? of this privilege and the Socialists find it very easy to sue him in the SPAK, for calls for chaos and violence.

Calls for insurrection are punishable by law, and for this reason the judiciary comes into play at this point. The Criminal Code clearly states incitement to violence and calls for violence to overthrow the constitutional order. There are two criminal offenses. One envisages a fine of up to 3 years, and the other from 10-15 years in prison./CNA.al

Meta drejt SPAK-ut/ Rrezikon 10-15 vite burg pas thirrjes për dhunë

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