The media paid by incinerators/ Why Ilir Meta remain silent about Ben Blushi?

22 Prill 2021, 14:13, English CNA
The media paid by incinerators/ Why Ilir Meta remain silent about Ben Blushi?

?I don?t want to mention here all the media that receive money from incinerators, which are the money of Albanians, and who go to buy shows, polls and analysts?. This is what Ilir Meta said today at a press conference, while talking about the corrupt affair of incinerators.

If he claims transparency, it would be good for the President of the Republic to speak with concrete names of media, so that Albanians know which of them receives money from incinerators. Why Meta doesn?t mention Ben Blushi by name this is another problem.

CNA.al has denounced with exclusive facts and documents how have been stolen several hundred million euros, where are related the same names and characters, but with the names of different companies, which start in Tirana, and end in Malta and the Netherlands.

On the other hand, not all media have denounced this corrupt affair. And they didn?t do this for the simple reason, that they receive money from incinerators, as Ilir Meta said today. The president didn?t say any names, but the facts could not be changed.

We start with Top Channel, the largest pro-government media. Ben Blushi is himself a partner with the incinerator owners at EM Capital Group, which has bought 51 percent of Lori Caffe. CNA.al has previously reported on an official document in Bulgaria, which confirms the partnership of Klodi Zoto, the Albanian boss of ?Integrated Technology Service?, the incinerator concession company, with Ben Blushi?s wife, Eva Blushi and Mirel Mërtiri, a very famous and well-known name wherever Klodian Zoto appears.

It is suspected that through its chronicles, Top Channel defends the activity of the company, as it occasionally broadcasts pro-waste incineration chronicles. Other media have also remained silent on the corrupt incinerator affair. A look at their official websites, reveals who gets paid and who is funded by incinerators.

Balkanweb, owned by Irfan Hysenbelliu, advertises a video from waste processing in Sharra. Shqiptarja.com, owned by Carlo Bolino, receives also money from the same video that advertises the plant in Sharra. The list of media paid by incinerators also includes Gazeta Mapo, once owned by Henri Çili, and now by people close to Shpëtim Idrizi of PJIU, who claims to be in opposition, while receiving money from incinerators?corrupt affairs.

Instead of all the media being against corruption, some of them choose to remain silent for some more money they earn. We recall that in Tirana, where the signed project costs 128 million euros, there is still no incinerator, but the winning company that receives millions of euros from taxes of Albanian citizens, has laid a cover between the hills of Sharra, and there covers the garbage of the capital. /CNA.al

Mediat që paguhen nga incineratorët/ Pse Meta hesht për Ben Blushin?

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